Funniest thing you've done when sleep deprived?

Me and Faye have only been home 2 weeks but the other night I was up with her, she hates her nappy being changed, screams & screams & wriggles all over the changing mat. I was going as quick as I could but my brain was still asleep - Hubby was in bed, half awake listening to the commotion.... He was rubbing his chest and making 'ssssh' noises, then he said 'why hasn't she stopped crying?! what do you think is wrong?'

"erm because you haven't got hold of her and she is having her nappy changed you plonker 'rodney' " :lol:


  • Ha hahaha-ours is similar! Must have been when we got home from hospital and were doing 2 feeds in the night, sleeping with the telly on and watching all the crapy bits of the Olympics! Anyway both woke up and paniced 'have you got him?' 'No thought you had him and we both started patting the bed in a panic then realised he was fast asleep in his Moses basket-thank goodness!! Also lots of tripping over, banging me legs (coverd in brusises sp!) and not being able to string sentences together. Still very fuzzy with numbers have to pay with card not cash as I get in a muddle! x
  • That's a classic!!!!

    Not Child related but when I was doing my teacher training and had been up till 4am planning and then got up again at 6am - I made a cup of tea and put the milk away in the oven my hubbie (then my boyf) idn't even say anything just opened the oven and took it out to put it away int he fridge and I yelled at him 'DON'T HAVE A GO - THERE'S NO TIME TO EAT, NO TIME TO SLEEP AND IT'S NOT MY FAULT I KEEP MILK IN THE OVEN!' and then burst into tears - Bless him he hadn't even done anything but that has become a bit of a catch phrase for when we are pissed off with each other!

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  • God Craftycharli totally remeber time like that-teacher training is hell! Remember falling asleep over a pile of books and waking up at 3 am with a crick in me neck and droole all over the child's work! Awful-if I go back bet it'll be like that all over again!
  • First night out of hospital i woke up patting my husband. I thought i was still in hospital and i couldnt work out why there was someone in bed with me!

    I also have this fear of falling asleep with her in my bed even though i have never taken her in to my bed during the night. I woke up the other day with my pillow in my hand feeling round all the edges. I thought Frankie had gone inside her grobag and i was trying to find the zip to get her out.
  • I went to bed before oh and when he came upstairs an hour or so later he found me leaning over in the bed holding the monitor and shushing cameron through isnt a two way monitor and cameron was fast asleep n his cot in the other room. dunno what i was up to!
    there's been a lot of milk in cupboards and bread in the fridge too!
  • lol i also put milk in cupboards etc, i was sterilising bottles other day and while i put steriliser in microwave went into room to watch tv, heard the micro ping went to get steriliser out and it wasnt there??? Id put it on top of microwave instead of inside it LOL DUH!!
  • Craftycharli- I did something very similar when I was doing my teacher training. Late night planning session, had a bowl of ice cream to help me calm down. It wasn't till the next day that my oh found the rest of the tub of ice cream in the fridge, instead of the freezer- what a waste!!
  • In the middle of the night when Lucy was about 3 weeks old i must have dreamt she was crying and sat up in my sleep and starting shushing and rocking my maternity pillow back to sleep. When i realised i couldn't see her i panicked and was looking inside the cover of the pillow for her thinking she must be inside it, lol!

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  • i always put the butter in the cupbaord when making my OH sandwiches for work and this morning i made my sons breakfast before school and i gave him a bowl of milk, he looked at me and said thanks mummy but can i have some cereal with my milk please lol
  • LOL @ Tracey!! I do that!! Only this morning infact!! Marmite went in fridge, butter in cupboard!!

  • robbie has even had coco pops with apple juice on, he said mummy this new cereal tastes funny, i said what its fine just eat it, it was when i got home i realised it was apple juice and not milk the poor thing was like well it tastes yummy mum thanks lol, i felt awful after it must have tasted bloody awful lol
  • My husband woke up once to find me trying to push him out of the bed with my hands and feet in my sleep!

    Tracey your son sounds very sweet.

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  • after i had my first, i went back doing extra night shifts, but for some reason, my mum couldnt have ollie til lunch time, so the plan was i'd go to bed then. i kept busy, but made the fatal mistake of sitting down - and falling asleep!.

    i could hear this poor little boy calling out to his mummy, and i was sobbing thinking this poor little boy just needed his mummy and he couldnt find her. who could leave their poor baby alone so that they kept calling for them like that! cruel mummy! i woke up to him patting my head, calling out mummy, whilst i sat there, tears rolling down my cheeks!

    i never fell asleep again after a night until my kids were with someone else!!
  • i have been known to pour fabric conditioner in my tea instead of milk (damn that comfort pure)
    and the worst was cooking dinner, putting everyones plates on the table, going in the kitchen to get mine and putting it straight in the bin!
    talk about cutting out the middle man, i was starving,lol
  • Glad it's not just me that has done this - v funny posts here making me chuckle.

    I too have done the whole looking inside pillowcases or under my pillow or under hubbie for Max even though he has NEVER been in bed with us - HOW RANDOM??! image
  • Oh god.. ithought i was the only one! I spent weeks of sleepless nights LOOKING for Harry in our bed. Only for OH to tell me he's in his moses basket lol. What a muppet. I've tried unlocking doors with the wrong thing. My car is SCRATCHED from that damn spatula. I've forgotten anything and everything. Gone out in my PJ's. Though i didn't really mind that as they were still warm from bedtime image xxx
  • lol ladies ive done a couple of these sleep deprived but the funniest time was when i left oh with lil one downstairs to catch up on sleep now we have moses basket againt the wall on our bed as only wqay shell sleep at night i woke to find her not in there panicking i started screamning looking everywhere for her for oh to come up with her in his arms asking what i was going on about funniset thing was she was onlky 2 weeks old she wouldnt of even been able to get out of moses basket lol
  • Lmao Sammie, i did a similar thing with harry...wondering what the hell is wrong with his willy (more than 'oh dear wheres his nappy' lol) and it was his toe. I knew he was more endowed than that!image xxx
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