can anybody recommend a double buggie?

Hi ladies

i have a 11month old and have just found out im pregnant. So dd will be 18months. Ideally i would like them to be able to face me. I really liked the look of the firstwheels city elite where i could have a carrycot bit for baby and seat for dd, but the reviews arent great.

i dont like the bill and teds.

Also want something that is reasonable easy to put up and down and not too heavy.

lol im not wanting much!

I have looked at the icandy pear but im just not sure. HELP!

thanks xx


  • Hi ya i have a 10 month old and expecting no.2,so we will be in need of double too.

    We are going to get the icandy peach as its goes with the maxi cosi car seat you can also get a carrycot which is fab. The seats wont face you through however if you look at the icandy pear it does parent face and its cheaper than the peach to,which is a bonus : )

    Take a look at icandy website.

    Happy Pram hunting

  • We have exactly the same problem, I am expecting my next baby in December (when DD will be 19 months).

    I keep changing my mind about the phil&teds - (I even borrowed my friend's baby, so I could have a go pushing it round toys r us with 2 babies in!) and at the moment - I hate it.

    I hate the icandy pear - it is so overpriced, and the carry cot is tiny (also it's so shallow, and there is nothing to strap the baby in - I would worry that all it would take is a bump in the road and the poor little thing would flip out!) The Icandy peach (with conversion kit - to make it into a double) is better - but even more expensive! And it very heavy to push, and a right faff to fold!

    I liked the idea of the first wheels city, but then I went to have a look at one in the flesh, and it seems very wide, but also quite cramped for the babies - and expensive to get the carry cot as well.

    I love the baby jogger city but it's not parent facing (although with Abby - she was only parent facing for 6 weeks, so I don't think it's worth paying extra for a parent facing buggy). My friend has this buggy and it is so light and nippy, and it folds so easily.

    At the moment, I think I will make do with my silvercross 3d and a buggy pod when the new one is tiny (not ideal - but Abby is a very good walker, and it means that the new baby can face me for as long as she fits in the pram mode!) and then i'll get a side by side double (hopefully the baby jogger! but if not, then something like the silver cross pop double) after that if Abby still goes in the buggy.

    It is a minefield though! Start your search early, and take your time with your decision! Also - if there is a john lewis near you - go and have a play with a few of them, the staff are very helpful.

    Good luck!
  • Lmao at "Bill and Teds!" I call them that too. I just don't like Phil and Teds, my sister has one and I am just not keen. I also want a parent facing as dd will only be 18 months too.

    Same as MrsAmanda, I LOVE the baby jogger. It can then go back to a single when dd is a bit older. Had a play with it, and it seems great. I put my 2 year old niece in, and it's still easier to push that my current pram.

    Oh, and congratulations!!
  • Thanks

    Mrs Amanda we were on ltttc at the same time. Congratulations on your second pregnancy. Im loving the baby jogger city any idea who stocks it and roughly how much it is?

    jen xx
  • I have 16 months between my oldest 2 and i had the same problem. I refused to spend hundreds of pounds when i had just not long spent a fortune on my first pram. I ended up just getting a cheepie mothercare one and it was fab. It did me for ever, easy to put up and down and not too wide for doors. I did see one the other day, not sure what it was but it had a carry cot parent facing and a toddler seat facing forward. It did look fab!!

    It was a shame that i didnt get too put my DS2 in a carry cot much when we were out and about, but when i was on my own at least i could leave the house!!! We did sometimes take the older one in a single buggy and put baby in the carrycot pram but only if my OH or mum was


    Gemm x
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