Am i right to be mad?

Hi mums & Babies,

We've just been to oh nanas for dinner and i am so mad. Evie is just eight weeks and always get the hiccups, she always had them in the womb too (i get them quite a lot to) anyway oh nana put sugar on her dummy ffs, shes eight weeks this might of been ok in her day and age but not now. The worst thing is i felt i couldnt say no to her, what type of mum am i if i cant stop people doing things that i don't want them to do. I'm so mad why give her sugar when she is a baby, my baby the more i think about it the more mad i am. Sorry for the rant.

Alex & Evie xxx


  • no hun u have a right to be mad, she should have asked you first before doing it so u had the chance to say nan put JJs dummy in her cup of tea and shoved it straight in his mouth, she didnt even wait for it to cool for a second and i was sooo mad, i went to say 'no' but it happened so fast there was nothing i could do!! x
  • I would be mad too!
    I feel for you, I really do.

    My sister has this trouble with her in-laws constantly. But she doesn't feel she can tell them because they're the "in-laws" (she tells us, her family, when we do wrong things!!!). Sadly, her hubby rarely backs her up too. It got to the point she started refusing to visit them!!!

    Try and talk to your OH and see what he feels about it. Maybe he doesn't agree either but is like you and doesn't feel he can say anything.

    Remember, its YOUR baby!

    Best wishes
    Joo xxx
  • i would be as mad as hell if it was me
    my oldest never got near anything with sugar in it till his 2nd birthday and my daughter was 1, was a lot harder with her as she saw her brother getting and it was hard to give to one and not the other.

    But at 8 weeks, even if your little one is on solids you wouldnt be giving her anything with sugar in it let alone sugar its self x
  • How naughty of her!
    I'm lucky that most people ask before giving Tom anything (he's nearly 2) but usually they've got it out and are just about to hand it to him when I say NO, then they wonder why he cries!
  • Thanks girls, i spoke to Rob & told him i was not happy about it & told him that i found it hard to tell his family off. Hopefully if she does it or even attempts to do it he will tell her no or i will go nuts if she does it again xxxx
  • Oh hun I am having the exact same problem with my mil, fil and one of the sil's. (The other one is nicer and would ask first I hope!)

    They dip Gabe's dummy in their tea all the time (bearing in mind they all have VERY sugary tea so it is essentially giving him a dip of sugary water). They dont ask, they just do it even though I tell them not to. Sil dipped it in a J2O the other day and my Bil gave him a bit of orange juice from his cup (pure not diluted I might add!) and then I'M the one cleaning up the runny nappy afterwards :x

    I told MIL not to do it because he has 2 teeth and it worries me, she said "Oh a dip of tea won't hurt"
    Me: "But you do it all the time at least 5 times per cup of tea. So it's really more than a dip isn't it" (Im 1 brave lady aren't I!)
    Mil: "Well it never did my kids any harm"
    Me: (bracing myself) "Hmmm well Andrew (OH) has fillings and I never even had a dummy so didn't have it dipped in stuff, and Im 20 and have never had a filling."
    Mil *mumbles*

    GAH sorry hun for overtaking your thread but you have EVERY right to be angry especially if it was sugar how ridiculous!! xxx
  • i would be waging war on the nan i'm hubbys nan keeps asking if Braedon wants chocolate when we visit (he's 6 months old) and i have warned my hubby that if she ever dares i will never take him there again! dont know what i would do if she ever did it without asking first xxx
  • Oh god I would be fuming! It really annoys me when other people think they can just feed your child anything they want!
    My stupid sil thinks it is cruel that my son doesn't have chocolate even though he is dairy intolerant but she asked me if she could get him some dairy free stuff....when he was 6 months!! WHY???? What is the point in feeding him rubbish when he doesn't need it?
    I don't like being mean to people but when it comes to my lo, I find my mouth has a mind of it's own :lol:
  • omg, u have every right to b mad, i know its hard to stand upto some family members as u dont want to cause a bad atmosphere, but she is ur baby and u need to stand ur ground. xxxx
  • I know exactly how you feel. I have the same problem with my in laws.

    We were out bowling with them last week and Gracie was getting pasted around like a pass the parcel and while it was my go to bowl my sis in law had got her and when i got back she'd got my other sis in laws son sat at the side of her (3 years old) grabbing and trying to hold her and she was intears when i got back to her so i said...."you either hold her fuckin right or you don't ever hold her at all!" what got to me the most was she was still letting him do it even though she was crying. I was livid and very close to grabbing her and walking out. Luckily oh so me steaming and had words too.

    I use to hold things back for the sake of others so they didn't feel uncomfortable but now i will say what i think and not care about the outcome.

    Get them told next time hun.

    Lisa xxx
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