colds in young baby = advice please


not having the best starts to day.
lo awake in early hrs of morning...whent in other room...after 1.5 hrrs she went asleep...managed to not very clleverly wake her up then took a while yo get her back to sleep.

after morning feed she went to sleep....i tried to quietly wrap her in a shawl rather than drap it over her as its abit cooler. put her on back....siince picking her up she sounds very cngested.
1)tried rubbing her back to see if it was milk and needed burping
2) has a big boggie up nose i cant reach!
3) does mouth actions as though she wants to bring something up....cant seem to be able to help her.

iny got a v.small deposit if milk and saliva! she appears ok when sleeping, breathing ok. just hoping when shes more awake she'll shift it. only slightly worried about lyingbher down to feed. hubby is out until later. trying to assure myself all will be well.

any experience or advice of motherrs who have experiebced colds in young babies? shes 3.5 wks old. xxx

p.s sorry about spelling typing one handed

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  • Ah the poor little thing.
    Try a nasal aspirator. You put that just inside the nose and it sucks the snot out (yuk). I've used one on matthew and it really helps.

    Also, put a book under the moses basket/crib/cot to make the head end higher. this will help to.

    You could also put some Karvol or snufflebabe on a tissue in her room near her bed. this will also help.

    When feeding her, you could sit her up slightly!

    I Hope this helps

    Heather xx
  • trying to avoid visit to che,ist but might have to go!
  • Nasasol nasal drops are fantastic and are in most chemists.. My lo had such a blocked nose he cldnt breathe whilst feeding but the drops worked a treat and are gentle 2 so shldnt aggreivate lil noses! X
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