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Hi my lo is 17 months old and Im thinking of buying a back carrier for when we are out and about. He can sometimes be a bit fussy being in the pushchair as I think he wants to see whats going on for our view. Just wondering if anyone has one and if so what are they like? Also any recommendations as to which one?


Emma ximage
(also in toddler)


  • google mei tai slings. best things for babies ever! i still carry my 15 month old 28lb LO in mine (either on my front, facing me or on my back) cant feel her weight at all her weight is properly sitted
  • we have a vango champ back pack - got it on ebay for ??50 and it is brilliant - a freind of mine has a little life one the was ??175 which is also fab but expensive x
  • if you're looking for a backpack style carrier, take a look at
    We've got a macpac one which we love. it's expensive though, but we got it as a gift as we love hiking.
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