Bumbo - yes or no?

I was thinking about buying a Bumbo for Adam, as he quite likes being in a sitting position. I've heard mixed reviews though, and don't want to waste my money... ;\)

So - did your LOs like their Bumbos? How much use did you get out of them??




  • my lo loved his bumbo and we used it A LOT but I know plenty of others who hated them - search on ebay for a bargain one just incase as they are totally disinfectable!
  • Hia
    dd would only sit in her bumbo for a few minutes at a time to start with. She did get used to it but would still only sit in it a maximum of 5 minutes and tbh we never really used it that much. We bought ours for ??15 with the tray so I feel it was worth that money but personaly I would not buy one brand new.
  • Hi
    Nope, my DD hated it - she kept trying to fling herself out of it :lol:
    She was, and still is, very strong and was never a "floppy" baby type so
    think this was one of the reasons.
    I've heard others rave about them but unfortunately for us, yet another thing we wasted money on!!! x
  • Lily loved hers. We got one brand new off ebay still in box. x
  • Yes! Freddie loved his and if he's tired at teatime and getting a bit grumpy we feed him in his bumbo instead of the highchair.

    He's 7 1/2 months now and has to be watched like a hawk in it as he's escaped twice! But it's been well worth every penny as we've used it everyday since he was 3 months and it was really handy for visiting friends and family without having to drag a highchair round with us

    Got it new off Amazon for less than ??20 xx
  • My dd1 loved hers and we got loads of use out of it so will def use it for dd2! I've bight the tray this time to extend the use and also to keep her in there once she's able to wriggle free!
  • My LO was never a fan so for us a waste of money, but I know lots of people who used them a lot.

    ps - if you're anywhere near Windsor you can have mine - trying to get rid of it! x
  • apparently, bumbs are not recommended anymore. this is due to the position it has the baby n, not good for their backs, and the amount of accidents that are a result of bumbo use.
  • Emily stays in hers for a max of 5-10 mins. She gets a bit fed up after that - even if i give her toys. I expect i will use it a bit more when i start weaning. I also plan to take it swimming with us so i can put her in it when i am getting changed, if no-one is there to help me. I can't carry her carseat anymore!

    I think limited use is fine, the accidents that tend to happen are when parents put it on high surfaces and baby falls out, or if they dont supervise use and baby can stretch and fall out. I got mine from ebay.

    Tbh if you can get one cheaply off ebay or netmums, i would get one. But i wouldn't go to the bother of buying a new one, its a waste of money if baby doesnt like it.


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  • Maybe you could ask your new friend Mark if he uses one and if you could borrow it? :P ;\) x
  • I've literally just borrowed one from my friend as hepr baby can now sit on his own and doesn't need it. Put my LO in it very briefly this afternoon and she seemed happy enough in there.
    I must research if there is any guidance on max time to be sat in them though.
    I hope to use it for weaning as I suspect my LO will be too tiny for a highchair when I finally get round to choosing and getting one.
  • I have found one on Gumtree for ??15! So will give it a go and if Adam hates it, I can sell it on.

    Thanks ladies! :/)

    PS Calleigh, I wont keep Adam in it for long stretches and wont balance him on any high surfaces!
  • Hi,
    Just to say my LO didnt take to his either, but it was given to us from my brother so wasnt a waste of money for us, DS kept trying to escape from it! Sx
  • My lo loves his but I was unsure until I tried him in one at the bumps 2 babies group I go to - I don't think I would have shelled out the money for it if I hadn't tried it first. Your ??15 one sounds ideal.

    As far as being bad for their backs, if your lo is anything like mine he is probably wriggling into all sorts of convoluted positions that would probably be bad for his back at the moment.... and surely they can only be as bad as door bouncers etc.
  • We put Emilie in it a lot now at 5 1/2 months to give her her purees which works really well, she also just likes sitting in it and watching us and has not yet tried to escape!
  • I was lent one by a friend and to be honest DD spent most of her time trying to escape. I think it probably helped her to learn what sitting was but im glad i didnt spend any money on it. i know alot of people who couldnt have lived without it so just depends on your LO.

  • Well, Adam seems to quite like it! ??15 well spent I think...


  • awww bless him - looks v comfy!
  • how cute!

    we use it to feed LO so he will only stay in it to be fed x
  • Awww bless. We spent full price on our Bumbo but Gabe used it every day from 4 months till 9 months so it was money well spent xx
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