weaning and poo - sorry if tmi!

I started weaning Joshua 3 weeks ago and he now has veg at lunch and fruit for dinner. I also switched to hungry baby milk a week ago as his feeding was getting silly. I try and give him water with meals but he barely takes any. Problem is when he poos he strains so hard he's really sick and it comes out his nose also, making him really upset. His poo is really solid. Anyone experienced this? Any advice gladly received as it really upsets me to see him so uncomfortable.

Debbie and Joshua (5 and half months) xxx


  • Sounds like he is constipated to me. Kara is 9 months on Monday and is like this for a while although she doesn't be sick with it. She just strains really hard and they are lumps. The doc gave me stuff yesterday. The HV advised me to overdose on Fruit and veg and soups. Try and get as much liquid in as you can.
  • Babe i give daisy 3oz cooled boiled water with one oz fresh oj in three times a day in between feeds this way she is having about 10 oz extra of water a day i give it her warm and sometimes it works instantly daisy goes mad for it actually i dont know whether he would like this i was struggling to get an 10z a day before in her
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