Cot and Pram For New Baby....What Do You All Think?

as title says girls im still indecisive about my cot an dpram but i like these two what do u all think?

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  • gorgeous, love the pram, have you tried it out in the shop
  • yeah tried it out in an independant shop the other day and its sooooooo fleecy inside and it pushes just as easy as pliko pramette, much cheaper than m&p too
  • there lovely, my cot is very similar but m&p and i love it, love the pram, good thing is not everyone will have it as it's not m&p
  • Is that a silvercross pram ?
  • Ooh I like the pram. I had a pram for the first few months for my little boy and it was so useful for sleeping in during the day etc. He's too big for the carrycot part now though, so has a pushchair. What make is it? Haven't seen one like it before x
  • hiya girls thakns 4 all the replies

    Its a babystyle pram from the prestige collection, some of the designs they have for it are fantastic and not everyone has it...which is great

    its 384.99 from pram centre, includes carrycot, seat unit, footmuff changing bag and parasol and raincover so its brill

    its pretty much same as pliko pramette only you have to change from carrycot to seat unit....but i lubs it lots!

    i had initially said i was gettin a phil and teds but faith is goin 2 b in nursery so i deffo wont need one now
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