snotty nose

Any tips on how to clear an 8 month olds snotty nose? I keep sort of squeezing it to get the snot out and wiping away but 2 secs later its back. Any tips on how to keep it clear?

Thanx ladies xx


  • Charlotte has had a snotty nose in the last week. I thought she was starting with another cold but her 1st molars are cutting so that's why (+ horrible nappies too)! I just use a rolled up tissue to get the bogeys/snot out. It seems a lot easier to get out when she's had a bath. Probably cos the steam makes her nose run.
  • with my son i also used an aspirater. So easy to use too.

    Lisa xxx
  • I've never used an aspirator on Gabe. He HATED the nose drops and just arched back and wouldn't let me near him (and this was at a month old) so god knows what he'd be like now. I just keep wiping it with a muslin and put vaseline on so it doesnt get sore xx
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