When do you think you'll stop the everyday baths?

I don't really remember having baths every day when i was younger - we had a good wash, but not a full on bath and scrub.

Has the times changed? Should we bathe our LOs every day regardless? Personally i enjoy the routine of harry's bathtime and from the water splashing and mess everywhere, i think he enjoys it too lol.

How old should they be having baths every day until? At what age do you not insist on it?

It really isn't too relevent yet but a mate of mine has 4 boys under 10 and they all bath once or twice a week if she can, but another mate has two kids ages 7 and 9 and religeously gets them to have a bath everyday.



  • we have never bathed brooke everyday! im quite the opposite in f act and am wondering when to start bathing her every day! she has always been done every other day. (unless had an extremely messy day then will bath her regardless of it being bath night or not) then go back to normal.
    i always bathed or showered everyday and will expect brooke to do the same as she gets older. a bath/shower either every morning or evening thats up to her. evening is easier for us at the moment!

    i dont see it nessacary to bath a baby everyday i have just managed to get my sis out of that habit they dont get that dirty. maybe at 9 10 months when they are doing messy play?!

    sorry not been muh help lol! xx
  • Kelsie has her bath every other day.

  • I only bath Kara every couple of days as I don't think she is dirty enough for it. She actually gets showered as she loves the shower. She gets washed down every morning before she gets dressed and I find that is enough. When she is older she will get bathed more often. I don't find that a bath helps Kara sleep any better so therefore I didn't see the point in bathing her every night.
  • like many of you, i bath the kids at bedtime for a couple of reasons- one that it is a "play bath", and i usually drag them out kicking and screaming as they want to stay in! i also think it does relax them! sometimes during the week, i end up bathing the boys before school too -this is usually as my eldest (just 7) seems to end up with sweaty hair if he has been really warm in bed (sorry bout that!!) roll on the day he can go in the shower - and be trusted!!!

    occasionally at weekend, or over the school hols, i dont bath them one day, but i would never miss 2 days!

    issy usually always goes in with them (except in the morning unless there has been a stinky nappy issue!)

    tbh, i think "play baths" give them confidence in the water for when they go swimming, as they are used to the splashing, etc
  • oh gosh, Molly has a bath every other day or even more, i don't think babies need baths that often (was always told it wasn't good for their skin/hair). Molly has dry skin and don't think it is good for her to be wet all the time. On the other hand Zach has a bath every day as part of his bedtime routine plus he is a toddler and gets messy!

    I think from 6 months plus i will start giving Molly one every day. Don't get me wrong, if she is sick all over herself or poo everywhere i will give her a bath.



  • Zach and Molly are both having a bath together tonight!!! Sooooo cute!

    Might i just add that Molly gets a top and tail at least once a day and a million hand wipes cos she sucks them all day! :lol: x
  • I also agree that it will give them confidence in the water but even with Kara not getting bathed everyday she is really confident and splashes away and when we go swimming she loves it and plays away in the water.
  • i bath mine sunday, tuesday, thursday and saturdays.
    Unless they need it at other times like if they have been out playing in the garden as when they play outside they actualy roll in the mud lol, and also after doing things like painting.
  • i only bath fin 2 (1)times a week as he suffers badly with exzema and bathing him makes him suffer more and causes him pain but faith (4)gets bathed every other day in the winter and every day during the summer she has a shower
  • We only bath our girls twice a week as our eldest suffers with eczema and we were told that too many baths stripped her skin of it's natural oils. Once we cut down on her baths her skin improved greatly and therefore i have continued the same routine with our youngest x
  • Hi,
    Lillith only gets bathed 2-3 times a week unless she's sick everywhere.
    Like Zoey I was told bathing a baby daily washes the natural oils from their skin. I'm sure when she starts eating solids i may need to bath her more!! lol
  • Hello

    Like the last two post my lo used to have excema although her skin is still dry its much better with less frequent baths- she gets 2 / 3 baths a week and topped and tailed through the day as need arises x
  • oh millie has a bath everynight as pasrt of her routine cos she loves baths! but i have missed a few with travelling at xmas and being at my mums and she still went to bed fine. i might start bathing her less as she has some dry skin on her head and around it xx
  • Cole has a bath every day and I plan to keep him doing htat (or showers when he's older). He likes his baths and its part of his bedtimer outine, plus I shower every day and feel grotty and dirty if i don;t so I like for him to feel nice and clean too. Especially now he's getting food all over himself more, and he's too wiggly to clean his bum properly sometimes at nappy changes its better for him to have a proper bath every day.

    He does have mild eczema and oilatum in the bath and I don't think it makes any difference having the bath every day cause its improved a lot from when he was small.
  • daisy has a bathe every night and she loves it. her skin is fine so i dont see the problem, she is a very lively 10 month old who i struggle to get a nappy on let alone let her have nappy free time any more its all over the house so i love to soak her little bum in bath for 15 mins every night also she is so independant she likes to feed herself as much as possible and hates having her face and hands wiped so it gets her hands and face really clean.

    Im 35 and clearly remember having a bath on a sunday and having my nails cut!!! Sign of the times i reckon.
  • Im with Claire on this, too many baths does seem to irritate Gabe's skin. He has a bath once a week. He has severe eczema and I've noticed that the lack of baths has made a huge difference to how smooth his skin is. He sleeps through most nights and he sees the top n tail as part of his routine instead of a bath.
    Gabe won't be having a bath every day unless he gets dirty enough to or starts puberty - whichever happens first!
  • Ollie gets one every other day at the moment, unless he's gotten dirty then he'll have an extra one.
    He loves his bath time and will splash and play the whole time, but is at the age where we can shower him as well so if need be in the mornings (after a nappy accident...) he can be cleaned off properly too.

    we were told when they are little they dont need a bath every day but when older it helps as part of their routine to have one on a regular basis and doesnt do any harm to their skin.

  • hi. i have 5 kids and have always bathed them everyday as part of their bed time routine. they love it, it's a fun time of the day and also a sign of calming down for bed. and from a hygiene point it's good practice. i can remember being bathed every evening before bed when i was younger. xx
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