Sudden hate of bathtimes!

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Benjamin was born in water, we've gone swimming every week from 5 weeks, and he has always loved his bathtimes - they would stop him crying if he was grizzly when going in. He goes in the tub with his dad and loves it - beams away, giggles, gazes at his dad etc...he usually cries when he gets taken out. Last night he started crying after a few minutes, tonight it was as soon as he went into the bath. Nothing is different - he wasn't anymore/less tired, hungry, the bath was the same temperature....I just don't understand it.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any clue to why he would change suddenly? He is 12 weeks and I know they change a lot at this age but it's just so sudden....




  • I'm not sure, but didn't want to read and run.

    My only thought is about the timing...could you try moving bathtime earlier? It might be that your LO needs to start going to bed a bit earlier - I know we had to shift bedtime forward a bit at around 12 weeks...

    Adam goes through stages where he loves his bath and then he'll be a right grump for a few days and cry, then be happy as larry it may be just a phase he's going through!

    Sorry I can't be more help! image
  • Not quite sure hun. Oliie loves his bath and on the couple of occasions he has cried in it, he has just been so over tired. So maybe move it forward a bit like Cath has suggested.

    Have you tried bathing him on his own without his daddy in with him? Just another thought.

    Sorry I'm not much help either!

    H xx
  • Matilda did the same the other day. Mid bath she let out a blood curdling scream and I had to get her out. It was only when I went back in to tidy afterwards I noticed that the window was open and I think she must have had a (vvvv slight breeze!) on her belly. I know it sounds obvious but thought I'd post just incase...x
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