How many sleepsuits and vests to pack ?


I'm 33 weeks and just getting my hospital bag together, was just wondering how many sleepsuits and vests to pack for baby and what range of sizes ?



  • hello

    we took 5 sleepsuits in 0-3 and 5 vests, turned out to be an emergency section and a small baby (told i was having a biggy!) so my mum bought us some newborn (which i never realised went up to 9.9lbs in some brands) we probabaly would have had enough if they were the right size for my 5 day stay with a going home outfit too, always best to be prepared!
  • I packed 3 sleepsuits and 3 vests in newborn size in my hospital bag and then I had 8 of each in another bag, in the boot of the car. We had a CS so were in 5 days and I therefore did need to call for the other bag. I had 0-3 months at home ready, just in case. My LO was 10lb and the newborn size was a good fit, he did lose a little weight, so we didn't need the 0-3 months until about 2 weeks later.

    The best advice I can give is be prepared but don't take too much. I had a bag for labour, a hospital bag with stuff in for 1-2 days, then about 6 other bags in the back of the car, all labelled so OH couldn't go wrong. It turned out to be a godsend as we were in longer than expected.

    Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • I took about 5 of each I think! I took 2 of each in new born sized, and the rest in 0-3, cause I was told my baby would be about 8lbs full term, and I was two weeks over so expected a big baby!
    When she arrived she was 6lb 8oz, and the 0-3 stuff we brought drowned her, so I had to get OH to bring more up for me!!
    My advice would be to do what lawso said and pack other bags to be prepared image

    Good Luck hun and all the best xx
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