Milk from beaker

around what age should a baby be having their morning and bedtime mlik from a beaker?

also what beaker did you find your little one took to best?

Thanks x


  • Hi
    By around the age of 12 months I believe, although it was 15 months for the morning beaker here and 20 months for the bedtime one! I tried on many occasions before that but LO would not entertain the thought of it :roll:

    I relented and went with when she was ready in the end for the bedtime milk, and haven't looked back since. So I guess you should also consider how your LO reacts to the change over too, gut feeling definitely counts :\)

    I tried literally 15 different beakers/cups, no joke LOL :lol:, and in the end went back to the good old cheap TT freeflow beaker for morning, and one of the new TT Tip It Up beakers for bedtime which she loves. I think Nuby do sinilar ones too.


    Iz & Skye x
  • my LO is 14m. i introduced a beaker (no lid) with breakfast at 12m when he was 'allowed' to drink cows milk. he still has a bottle for his 'supper' coz hes always quite sleepy and i didnt want him making a huge mess everywhere by being too tired to concentrate. ive tried nuby beakers (with squidy spouts) and found them useless - the spout gets stuck in and LO cant drink, which is how we went lidless. if you wanted one with a lid
  • I had read that from about 9 months you could try.

    To be honest I think it depends on the baby...I am going to try Emilia with a beaker to see if that helps her take her milk. I know she is only 7 months, but better that than her not drink any milk!!

    Joanna x
  • I agree Joanna, esp since we are in the exact same boat when it comes to our little ones and their lack of interest in the stuff!!
    Thank you for the replies ladies

  • We started around 9/10 months by giving her a little milk in a beaker along with her afternoon snack.

    We did it as an extra milk snack, so i would be more chilled about not trying to force her to drink it as she was still getting her full quota of milk from her bottles.

    At 12 months she has 1 beaker in the morning, and a bottle in the evening.

    We just used the TT free flow cup as she wasnt too keen on any of the ones you had to suck.
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