Bottle Battles

Help Please!!!

DS is 6 and a half months, we've been weaning for about 3 weeks and he's currently on anti-biotics for a chest infection.

My question is this: every bottle has now become a battle, it's a real struggle trying to get him to take just 3 oz.
Are we the only ones battling? Is this normal? Or not seeing as he's on medication?



  • I would guess he's just feeling poorly and rubbish which is affecting his appetite and eating habbits rather than the medication itself.
    I can't really offer advice but I can sympathise, because as far as I know my LO isn't ill as she's absolutely fine in herself, but since Thurs feeds have been a nightmare. She screams after a short while and refuses to take any more. Trip to clinic on Fri for us if it continues!
    I hope your LO feels better soon and his feeds get back to normal.
  • How much milk is he taking in a day, and how much food have you introduced?

    Has feeding moved to little and often? Might he be thirsty but not very hungry if he's poorly?

    Sorry for all the questions!
  • hope he feels better soon - is it just since the chest infection he has been fighting??? If so hopefully it will improve when he feels better - hope someone can give you better advice but just wanted to send hugs x
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