When have your lo's started making babbling noises? Morgana is now nearly 9 months old (7 months corrected age) and she is still not babbling, she just makes ayyyeeeeeeyaeee sort of noises or heeeyyyyyyeee ones plus shrieks galore. I try to talk to her a lot, but so far nothing image


  • Well jayden says mama and rara and im pretty sure the other day he responded when i said hiya i kinda got a iyyyya back lol he first said mama just before 7 months
  • harri starting going blaa dah blah dah blaa blaa and ooooing at about 12 weeks but not sure if thats classed as babbling?xxx
  • evie's been pretty quick with most things and was noisy from just a couple of months but i cant really remember the extent of it. she's seven month now and never shuts up, she hasnt said any proper words yet but will say bla bla bla bla and raa raa and loads of other gobbldygook. lol xx
  • Neve has just started blowing raspberries at everyone, she starts with a lovely big smile and then finishes it with a huge raspberry - very funny
  • When Kara was about 8 months she started saying Mama and Dada although she does try to say other things. i did think she said Bye once and hiya but nothing since. She has days when she will talk away and others she will hardly say a word.
  • Lily is nearly 14 months and has been babbling for a long time but she only seems to say one thing at a time- when she was about 7 months she was going 'dadadada' then 'mamamama' now she does loads of sounds that sound like real words but don't make much sense!

    She can now say 'mama' to me, 'dada' to her daddy
    'mam-mar' to her grandma
    and my all time favourite she now says 'bds, bds, bds,' for birds!

    I think she likes to learn one word at a time! Sometimes she has said other things I think, but not consistently.
  • Shea is 8 1/2 months and his first words were baba, then dadda, and now he says mamma when he's really grisly.
    He's also saying something which sounds like hiya but i'm sure it's not!!!

    dead cute tho :lol:
  • Matilda hasn't said anything apart from shrieking and shes over 9 months old. I had her check up today and talked to the HV about it. She said as shes developing well phsyically she might just be concentrating on that and then the talking side will come. I'm not too worried. I think if she still hasn't made any progress at all by 11 months i'll get her hearing checked for my own peace of mind. Its a struggle but i really try not to compare her to other babies and try to be lead by her. She'll do everything in her own sweet time! xx
  • Spencer was 8 months before he started babbling. Like jojo7 I asked HV about it at his check-up and she said that his physical development was good so he was concentrating on that and the speech would come later.
    He's now 11 months and makes lots of noises but no real words, not even mama or dada to the right people.

    I'm sure Morgana is excellent in other areas of her development, not everything happens at the same time. I have no idea about speech development in prem babies so I wouldn't like to suggest whether that has anything to do with or not.
    I think you're doing exactly the right thing by talking to her; just keep your sentences short and look directly at her while talking. She'll be a chatterbox in no time!
  • Poppy was about 7 months when she first said 'dada', closely followed by mumum. She is now 9 months and says hiya, mumum, dada and dog.
    I agree with Pixie woo though, all babies develop at different rates and I think we put too much pressure on our babies and ourselves to do things when the guideline say they should.
  • Kady was about 71/2 months when he started with mama/mummum then a few weeks later dadda.
    He now says all sorts of babble that sounds like words but is just coincidence as I think he is just experimenting.
    He tries to say our cats name beanie but it just comes out as bee lol.

    I think Morgana is doing just fine and with her being prem am sure she is doing perfectly well. Like the others have said they all develop at different rates so am sure she'll be babbling away with allsorts in no time!
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