poor leesy :(

Poor leesy is really poorly today shes coughin and spluttering and full of snot and is pukeing up And has a tempreture poor baby she is really feelin sorry for herself. If she no better tommorow il take her to docs she was supposed to be haveing her third lot of jabs tommorrow ut i dnt think that will be happening i just hope to god it ent swine flu as i thought is was dieing down my poor leesy girl i just text her dad and he isnt even bothered the tosser god shes so much better off wivout him xxxx image


  • Hi aww bless i hope she feels better soon i hate it when my little one gets like that he likes to sit there and have lots cuddles all day i dont think they will give her jabs they will prob put it off till next week id have thought hope she brightens up soon xx
  • well they gave her jabs today eventhow she was poorly omg. I wasnt chuffed she didnt hav a temp but she wont stop crying now they hav really fuced her up now im fumeing i said cudnt they wait another week but they said no cos there is so much going about its best to have thm ffs now she is going to be cranky all night the poor little baby and her dad hasnt even text or asked how she is hes such a pig hes so nasty xx
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