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Hi ladies

I wasn't overly keen on getting a bumbo but at the moment it's looking like the best option for weaning as Lyvi is far too small to sit in a highchair (any other suggestions welcome!)

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has one with the stand? And if so where did you buy it from?

Thanks, NN and Olyvia xxx


  • hey NN, we used one for Sara and I just put it on the dining table facing me and then sat on a dining chair, means we are at eye level to eachother, works quite well. However since getting my tripp trapp bargain i'm not using it quite so much, but it is still handy to have about as theyre so light to move if I need to be hands-free I just take it too and Sara will sit in it for a few mins.

    Also, i take mine to my mums as there's no highchair there, really handy.

    Sorry for bad grammar/spelling etc...one handed typing!

    Liz x

    Edited to say; it says not to use them on raised surfaces etc, but i just put sara in it at the last min...common sense!!!

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  • I do the same as mybutler. I put her in front of me on the dinning room table. They are for them to get out of, especially when the tray in on. Although Emilia is not overly keen on having her meals in her bumboo, So I have been giving them to her in her rocking chair, without the rocking bit! I have one that I can change the incline of the back with so she is sitting up right.

    I dont think bumbo do a stand??? Looking at it now I am not sure how it would fit on???

    Emilia loves her bumboo, means she can indulge in her favourite pass time....being nosy!!

    Joanna x
  • Thanks fellow Jan mummies image

    We've seen the stand on their website :


    But so far no luck in finding somewhere to purchase in UK.

    I'm not too keen on putting her on the dining table if we do go down the Bumbo route but do want her to be at the table involved in our meals.

    Too many decisions! Still not entirely convinced on the Bumbo but can't really see another option apart from having her on my knee for the first few months...but I'd rather be facing her so we can chat and interact better.

    Lyvi is 6 months 2 weeks on Monday and I still think it may be closer to 7 months when she's ready but I still want to at least give her the opportunity even if it's just to inspect and play with the food! So won't be weaning early but it's certainly coming around fast that 6 month mark! Very exciting though image

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • I've never seen that stand in the UK either! I doesn't seem to have a very wide base.

    What about a chair, like a little rocker type thing that doesn't rock! They're quite supportive....??? tbh I've found that during early weaning stages its difficult to have LO's fully involved in your meal as feeding them is so full-on, and as soon as they're done they want out of the chair. Now that we've got the tripp trapp Sara sits up at the table with us, so maybe you could use the bumbo just until she's bigger and then she can sit up at the table in a highchair with you????
  • We've got this chair, the toy thing comes off and you can sit it up-right all the way to flat. I've found it useful when Sara is a bit too grumpy to go in her bumbo (if she hasn't slept enough and its food time the bumbo really winds her up) she's totally relaxed in it.


    Just an idea...

  • Hi NN

    I have a bumbo for Dylan and he really doesn't like it, in fact he can get out of it, and has been able to ever since I bought it. He just flings himself over the back of it and as the tray doesn't attach very well it just pops off. I'm planning on weaning him in the next two weeks even though he is just 19 weeks at the moment. But as he can't sit up by himself yet and is a bit small for a high chair I plan on using his rocker (without the rocking bit) as others have suggested.

    If you know someone who has a bumbo I would try Lyvi in it before buying one, saves the expense if it isn't suitable. Also they are fairly wide and as Lyvi is petite she may need some extra padding inside it.

    Hope that helps
    Kay x
  • Tess never really got on with her Bumbo, although she'll sit in it when I'm putting the washing out for some reason... Anyway she's 6 months today and fairly small (just under 15lbs) and we've been weaning for a couple of weeks now in an Antilop highchair from ikea. It supports her really well and there is an inflatable insert that you can buy if needed too. Admittedly Tess can sit up on her own - not sure if Lyvi can? Anyway, could be worth a go and they're only about ??10.
    Hope that helps.

    Tried to put a picture of her in it on here, but can't get it to copy - does it have to be on an Internet site already to work?
  • Just wondering if you could find an e-mail address for the makers of Bumbo and ask them about UK stockists, if this is still the option you want to use?x

    Edited to say noticed on the website that it says 'coming soon'...x

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  • mybutler - that is eactly the same thing as I was trying to describe!! Really good for feeding if you dont want a bumboo

    Joanna x
  • Joanna - ours was a present and its been great, didn't think i'd use it that much but Sara loves!
  • If your LO can sit up unaided have you thought of a booster seat instead? They are smaller than high chairs and fit on your dining chair? You can fit them far tighter than a highchair as well.


    After saying that we got a chicco happy snack high chair. It has the same middle as a bumbo so it gives small babies much more support. Our LO has been in her highchair since 5 months as the support stops her sliding anywhere.


    Just a thought x
  • Thanks Honeypops - hadn't noticed that!! :lol:
  • we use the bumbo on the floor and i sit on the sofa and feed him, the stand looks fab, have you thought about a highchair thats suitable from birth, i have seen them somewhere, they should be smaller??

  • Hi Becca

    Our highchair is from Newborn!! The problem is although she does fit in it with the NB insert (though the harness is still a little big) it makes it too reclined to feed her in and would be a choking hazard because it has a wedge (like in a car seat) which pushes her bum forward to make it more of a lying position (even when the seat is upright).

    I'm thinking a Bumbo may be the way to go until she grows a bit more!

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • i suppose they do that to stop it being used as a feeding chair? not so good for petite little princesses!!

    we are doing great with the bumbo although i would suggest putting the tray on, we have a lot of messy trousers without it!! when he gets a bit older and is eating proper food we will start with the highchair at the table but he eats a lot earlier than us at the mo x
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