Help........fretful feeding.

Morning ladies,
Evie is 19 weeks tomorrow and has never been that interested in milk. She was bf for 10 days but was incredibly lazy and lost well over her 10% birth weight. On midwife advice we went onto ff (I couldn't cope with expressing as well, I did that with DD1 for other reasons, long story!).
She started quite well but would still take minimal amounts which surprised the HV. At 12 weeks she was still only having 3oz each feed. She has followed the 50th centile since birth so no real issue there.
Anyway, now at best she can take 7oz especially during a growth spurt. But the past couple of days we are struggling to get her to take anything! She will take an oz then its like she is bored and starts thrashing around and trying to sit up. This morning she has taken 2.5oz and that was a fight. She sleeps through the night so had last been fed at 11pm. I would have thought she would be starving but she never is.
We have changed the teat size and it helped slightly at first. We have also tried feeding her in a quiet room but that did nothing.
She has just finished the bottle off now but she was half asleep (its nap time). It seems that she will only relax enough to take the feed when she is half asleep. Its the same with her dream feed, she takes that no problem. I really dont want her to associate falling asleep with having a bottle. She normally self settles really well.
She is totally happy in her self. Never appears to be hungry. Rarely cries to be fed. Sleeps through the night and is putting on weight. I'm just getting stressed out about it!

Anyone else had this problem? Do I just have a nosey baby who isn't very hungry? This is all a bit strange for me as DD1 eats for England and always has! At the same age Lily was over 2lbs heavier than Evie!

Just to add, haven't stated weaning so she cant be full up from that and she isnt on hungry baby milk!

Serena X


  • Hiya Hun, Ryan has days...more more often recently where he is like that, for weeks now he's been completely disinterested in his morning bottle (having not fed for 8-9hours) I used to be please to get 2 oz down him but now it's a battle to get him to have 1oz! He's fussying more and more over his second bottle and this week we've often got to his 3pm-ish bottle with him only have had 4-6oz in total! He's then hysterical cos he's starving but still doesn't always finish his 7oz (that he used to almost do) the only bottle that I can count on him drinking is his dreamfeed and he'll near enough always take the whole 8oz.
    Don't know what the answer is, but evie's not the only one
  • Cheers love, glad i'm not the only one! These babies are a bloody mystery!
  • I'm considering cracking open the baby rice...I know he's not that hungry have been planning on holding off until he needs it...he's more than interested. But he's become so unsettled which has coincided with the worsening feeding I'm wondering if he's hungry and fed up with milk x
  • I had that very same conversation with hubby this morning. Gonna see how she is in a few days and see if the HV has any ideas. She is just not interested in milk. But still gains weight. Poor girl is only gonna have to look at a cake when she is older to put on weight. Obviously got my genes poor thing!
  • Just spoke to our community nursery nurse and she asked me to wait another week so he's only a week off 5 months- a weeks jot going to change anything and he's gradually getting worse so she agreed it would be ok to try some baby rice after his first bottle which is the worst. If he's not interested leave it be for now, if he goes for it can stick with. I'm really excited!
  • Spoke to the HV today. They think Evie possibly has undiagnosed reflux and at first said to take her to the doctors. They then had a little discussion between the community SN and HV then decided to give weaning a go. They said that although she just about takes enough milk, she is continuing to gain weight and is perfectly happy so it maybe she just doesnt like milk that much. If she isnt interested in the food then I'll see about taking her to the GP. The thing that stumped them most is the fact that she drinks 7oz at her dream feed (like Ryan).

    I've cracked open the spoons and bowls but may try it tomorrow lunch time. She is napping at the moment then we are going to toddlers with Lily so I dont think its the right time to start today.

    How did Ryan do?


    Serena X
  • It's funny cos I've always had a niggling suspicion about mild reflux but the hv's have always poo-pood it! He wasn't particularly interested in the baby rice this morning, but I did wonder if it's too similar to milk if he's just not keen on milk? He was interested in my kiwi earlier so cut all the seeds out of a bit and let him have a suck/chomp and he was more than happy with it. So might try baby porridge tomorrow instead x
  • I've got a few cubes of pureed carrot in the freezer that I did the other day. If she doesn't go for the rice (which I doubt she will) i'll give that a go. Gona get a sweet potato and parsnips tomorrow. They were Lily's favourites. Lily always liked the rice mixed in with fruit.

  • Hi girls
    My little lady is exactly the same. She's just not interested but gains weight regardless! It's now 4.30pm here nearly and so far today she's had about 8 oz in total. Nightmare!
    Then tomorrow she might finish every bottle.. who knows. It's like a lottery. I used to get stressed over it but now I just go with the flow and let her dictate to me how much she has. I also try to feed her a little more when she's dropping off as sometimes I can "trick" her this way.
    Good to see it's not just us!
  • Hey Maybie Ladies,
    Izzy is exactly the same. If she takes 5oz, its a massive celebration. She usually has just 3-4oz per feed and never cries for a feed. I try not to worry it and just keep an eye on her weight. She's following the 50th centile so I'm not too worried. my HV said not to be concerned as long as she is happy, gaining weight and has wet and dirty nappies. Milk is just boring compared to everything going on in their world at the moment xx
  • Well tried the rice at tea time (between feeds) and it was a disaster. She just looked at me with a 'dear God what are you doing to me woman!' stare. It then resulted in her wretching and throwing up!
    Will give carrot a go tomorrow (in the kitchen mind you, that stuff will stain my cream carpet!) but if she isn't interested then gonna stop.
    She has been quite sicky today so I still think she has a bit of reflux. Plus I think she has a cold brewing.
    Oh well, i'm in no rush and by the look of things, neither is she!

    Serena X
  • These maybies getting us worried when they just want to be fussy.
    Ryan was a lot more sicky than normal this afternoon- not sure if the soggy cardboard (baby rice), what tiny bit he might've had of it disagreed with him! He's been food obsessed today though...let him have good rummage around in oh's dinner lol! Wasn't impressed with the melted cheese from his omelette (just licked it) but had a good chomp on his cucumber- think it mustn't felt nice on his gums. We'll see how the porridge goes tomorrow morning if he gets up early enough that is!
  • Have you tried the carrot yet hun, how'd it go? We've just done porridge at lunchtime and although I'm not sure how much he actually swallowed Ryan was all smiles and loving sticking the spoon in his going to go for it again tomorrow will just take it day by day I think
  • And guess what? My little lady has been draining 6 oz like she's dying of hunger today at every feed. Bah! I wish she'd make up her mind!
    She had her 4 month check up yesterday and they advised me to add a little powdered cereals (i'm not sure what it's called in English, here it's "cereales") which is basically corn etc with the same consistency as the formula and you add it to the bottle. I did it last night at her 7pm feed and she slept right through until 6am for the first time ever! So we're starting to add in some other things but they've told me nothing else until she's 5 months old. Good luck ladies!
  • Tried Evie on carrot this morning and although she only took enough to taste it she really seemed to enjoy it and kept opening her mouth for the spoon. Although, like your little lady Mitxi, she has drained her bottles today. Go figure!
  • I don't if you've already tried it girls, but suddenly thought the other day about teat size? Got some size 3 (tt) and just tried on the morning bottle which is normally his worst- over 4oz with no battle yesterday and just happily drained 5oz this morning, think it's time to start making bigger bottles again. Fingers crossed it wasn't just coincidence x
  • Good luck! I made the switch a few weeks ago thinking the same thing. Hope it works out for you! xx
  • oh its weird you said that, ive got size 3 teats in the sterilizer now ready to try on her next bottle x
  • and she took 6oz in 10 minutes two feeds in a row... feel bad now!!! should've changed over sooner image x
  • Evie has now had banana baby porrige and apple. Gotta say the apple went down a treat! I droped one of her feeds so she is on 4 a day but I think i'm gonna go back to 5. She has been draining 8oz today! Unbelievable!

    Gonna stick with 1 meal a day with her. She is suddenly very interested in food and cried her heart out when my BIL was holding her today whilst eating ice cream. She looked absolutly desperate!

    She is on size 2 teats, she only started on them a few weeks ago. She was drowning in milk when I tried her on them before!
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