weening recipe books


  • I love my Annabel Karmel one called Feeding YOur Baby and Toddler. It has loads of recipes and they are easy to do.
  • I have Anna Karmels 100 top baby purees which is really good! xxxx
  • annabel karmels new complete baby and toddler meal planner is good. Plenty of recipes and also a planner for each stage so you know roughly what your child should be eating. I was a bit confused at first and this bk has helped. xxx
  • Annabel karmels complete baby and toddler book is really good - i havent followed the meal planners and stuff but its really handy with cooking times for stuff, and it has recipes divided up by age range.

    Gina fords book has some good soup recipes but she irritates me so i haven't read anything else in the book! Cole likes the soups though.
  • I'm another fan of AK's complete baby & toddler book. It's great and I've worked my way through most of the recipes in there. There's lots of them too. I don't follow the meal planners though.
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