how long after birth ....

Did you get baby weighed again? My first baby was prem and was weighed.daily till he was about 3 wks old, o Bf so it was great reassurance once he was putting weight on. This Lo is now 10 days old and not been weigh yet since birth. I'm Bf again and would like to know what's going on weight wise!


  • My lo was weighed at 3 days old just before I was discharged from hospital, then at 5 days when she got her heel prick then at 7, 10,14 & 17 days. My lo struggled to putweight on so maybe that's y she got weighed so often. Every area is different as well. Has ur mw not said when she'd do it?

  • we had loads of heel prick tests too as dd was only 5lb 12oz... i got her weighed every week just to make sure she was putting on, then after 4months i started to take her fortnightly, now monthly..

    as long as your breastfeeding on demand lo should put on weight just fine image i do remember worryig loads about it though!

    is there not a baby clinic or anything? should be a weekly one at your local surestart xx
  • My mw told mr the trend is now for them not to weigh babies as much anymore, but she does it as she know mums find it reasurring. Ds was weighed at 3days then as he had lost so much weight, every otherday for a while x
  • Hv is coming out tomorrow so i'll check with her baby clinic is on a tues so I'll be going then but feels a long way away!
  • Holly was weighed at birth which was early sunday morning. She was weighed again Tuesday before leaving the hospital and they nearly wouldnt let me go cos she had dropped from 8lb 71/2 to 7lb 12 .But they let me go she was weighed again wednesday when she had heel prick test and again friday. I was then told to bring her to the baby weight clinic tuesday it was then weekly after that for a few weeks. It was alot but that was cos she dropped so much after birth.
  • In this area it's day 5 and day 10, when you see the midwife - I thought the day 5 weighing was important as a lot of babies will have lost weight at this one (my little chubber put on 5 oz!!), but as long as it;s less than 10% they don't worry. After 10 days, it's fortnightly til 6 weeks then monthly after that.
    Did Jack have his heel prick test done on day 5?
  • Yep heel pricked was done here at home on day 5 but no weighing, i'll check it put tomorrow, thks ladies.
  • My lo was weighed at birth then again when we had the first visit from the hv about 3 weeks after birth. The midwife told me not to have her weighed between birth and the hv visit as it's normal for them to
    lose weight but can panic mum a bit. I didn't notice a sign in baby clinic giving recommendations on how often they shoul be weighed. It said 2-3 up to 6 months.
  • Just thought I would update - had him weighed today by hv (who was a bit suprised he had not been weighed yet!) and he has put on 3 oz 11 days after birth which was VERY pleasing as they only expect them to regain birth weight by 14 days post birth.
  • Fab news hun x
  • Fab news hun x
  • i was in hospital for 6 days with my LO and then i got her weighed every 2 weeks untill she was 10 months old and now i get her weighed every 4 weeks (at 16 months old)
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