what is the minimum amount of milk..............

Hey ladies, need to pick some brains for some advice, this could be a bit of a rabbit on, apologies beforehand, lol

Ryan is now 6 months and 1 week old and ive been weaning him since 31/2 months old. He is on 3 meals a day (about 4 dessert spoonfuls of main & 2 dessert spoonfulls of pud)
and four 8oz milk feeds a day. (7am,11am, 3pm & 7pm for bed)

Well since i have upped his solid food and put him on mashed instead of puree he has only been taking 4oz from his bed time bottle and still sleeping through till 7am the next morning, he still drinks full 8oz from his other 3 feeds so in total has 28oz a day.

So...... ive been thinking i would like to try out dropping the 3pm feed in hope that he would drink the full feed at bed time and replace his 3pm feed with a snack of solid food, maybe fruit or a yogurt or something, but obviously he is gonna lose an extra 4oz a day so will only be getting 24oz a day.

My worry that he will not be recieving enough milk, but i have seen on the side of the milk tub that 3 bottles a day of 7oz (21oz a day) is ok for 7 month old, as he is only 3 weeks away from this and will still be having 24oz i was thinking it will be ok.

so...... what do your lo's take in a day milk wise and what have you heard is the minimum amount a 6 month old should have.

Sorry to go on and on, there is just so much i want to know as a 1st time mum.



  • Gabe is 8 months and still takes 28oz a day in 4 7oz bottles.

    I tried dropping one but it didnt work, even when I replaced it with water and a snack.

    I'm pretty sure that 16oz is the minimum, in my red book with lo's weight in etc, it says once they're on 3 meals they should have between 16-20oz.
  • thanks ladies i think i might just give it one more week and see if he carries on only taking the 4oz at 7pm then maybe try it, just incase its maybe just his teething or something and he has been a bit coldy too.
  • The "guideline" amount for a 6 months old on 3 meals a day is 20oz although my lo would only have about 16oz max and is fine. Even now she's 1 I have trouble getting 10oz a day down her. You could always put some in food if you want, I have to sometimes.
  • i guess really its something i just need to try and see how Ryan goes, i guess he will soon let me know if he is too hungry to drop a bottle yet wont he.
  • yeh i was thinking about making up some baby rice with some friut for a snack so that he is still having a bit of milk around 3pm.

    It will be so good if i can drop that feed though, cos i dont know about all you girls but i find the 3pm feed is such a nightmare cos we are more than likely always out somewhere shopping or at a baby group or something where i want to use the time to play with him rather than feed him

    That sounds mean doesnt it, i want to starve my son so i can play with him more, lol
  • Hiya - they say a pint a day (568ml) an ounce is 30ml. Alfie is 6 1/2 months old, has 6/7 oz in the morn, some toast, lunch (equivelent of large jar of baby food) 7oz at 4, dinner at 6 - about a small jar and then 4-6oz at 8. No snacks, just 3 bottles and 3 meals. I got him off his 12o clock bottle by having lunch first. Hope this is some help!!
  • thanks girls, it really is just trial and error isnt it. i wish he could tell me if he was still hungry or not, lol
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