Thank you x

Just a quick message to say a big thank you to everyone for their help and replies with my bfing problems recently.

I've come to the decision tonight to switch to formula, after feeding Lucy from both breasts and then her guzzling down 6oz straight after it's obvious she's not getting enough from me. It's really been getting me down so i'm already feeling like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders. I don't want to struggle on getting more and more upset by seeing her so hungry and upset. We've made it to 3 and a half months and i'm so proud of myself for getting this far, i was ready to give up when my milk came in, but continued thanks to the fab support of my wonderful hubby.

Thanks again (Big big thanks to Amy xxx)


  • Thanks so much girls. I breastfed her this morning as soon as she woke up, then i topped her up with a bottle and she took 3 oz. I'm feeling so much better about it. I've given it my best shot but i want my happy baby back x
  • congrats on getting so far hun. i stopped at 4 weeks cos i was so stressed and exhausted from it and cameron never seemed happy or full.
    he is 7 months and is thriving on formula. his immune system seems great as he's never even caught our colds over winter, i feel much happier and oh enjoys the closeness of feeding him!
  • Well done hun - i know you were having big probs but it's much harder to make the decision to stop, and it's whats best for you and the gorgeous Lucy, you should be very proud xx
  • Well done on getting so far and for making the big decision! It is a hard one to make but I am sure you will all feel more relaxed now you've done it! image and you have given him a FAB start!
  • Congrats on getting so far with bfing. Really pleased you feel much better now. xxx
  • well done you!!! i lasted 2 weeks as my son was so greedy he damaged me so i was unable to carry on feeding, altho i did express for him. he went on to hungry milk at 2 weeks too, so like you, i dont think my milk was enough for him. i do miss the clossness but hes still my special lil guy and as long as hes getting what he needs then i dont feel too guilty about it!
  • Thanks girls. She's been like a different baby today! So much more contented and she's napping through the day again.

    Last week was horrendous, she screamed all week and wouldn't nap, just cried. I thought it was her teeth but now i feel terrible that it might have been because she's been so hungry.

    It was a difficult decision to make but i feel so much better seeing her contented (and full!) x
  • BIG HUGS Laura, well done for managing to do it for this long! You have given Lucy such a great start in life! You know what is best for your daughter and it sounds like you have made the right decision! I'm glad she is napping and more contented.

    Happy baby = happy mummy!

  • hi well done you, i gave up at 6 months as Caitlin was not sleeping and just always on the breast i was so drained and having a hours sleep in the night.

    Im glad she is back to her happy self for you xx
  • Hunni you are more than welcome!!

    You know where I am if you need me, you have to do what makes you both happy!

    Food is food whether it comes from a bottle or boob it does not matter! You have done so well so be proud of yourself.

    I am glad she is more contented and is napping again she must be getting what she needs, Amber was exactly the same I just wasn't enough and I am so proud of the 3months I fed her for, b'feeding is not easy.

    Amy xxx
  • Thanks, she is so much happier today, playing away in her jumperoo and squeeling with excitement! It's so nice to have my happy girl back x
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