Grrrrr FIL is so mean !!!

Well for those of you who may remember my previous post about out heating being condemned, we still have no heating. I found an excellent quote to get it replaced (around ??3100 + vat) and we were hoping to borrow the money from the self confessed millionaire in laws.

So the fil was down last weeked for dd's 1st birthday and we were going to ask him then, anyway when the subject came up the fil said he wont lend us the money that he cant spare it ! This is 10 minutes after telling us how he likes to maintain a balance of ??10k in his current account for everyday spending !! :x He then said he'd lend us half if my mum will lend us the other half because he knows full well my mum is poorer than us (bad divorce) and its yet another chance for having a dig at my family (he did the same with our wedding as we paid for it ourselves but he said Mum should have paid for it).

I'm so angry, he was our only hope. There is no way we can raise ??3k ourselves and to get this cheap deal we need to do it before June. We have bad credit so cant get a loan, and couldnt afford to pay one anyway.

Now my baby girl has a really really bad cough and i'm worried its because although I wrap her up warm she is always breathing in cold air. The weather here is really really nasty too and shows no sign of subsiding yet.

Now what do I do !!!!!!!!!! :x :cry:


  • Oh hun, I dont know what to say.

    Could you not go to your bank and ask for some help? Or speak to the heating company about paying in installments? I dont know how you are set financially but I know I could never save the money so I know where youre coming from there.

    Could you stay with someone until its fixed?

    Sorry I cant be more help hun, but I am shocked at FIL...I mean, it's LENDING money - it's not like youre asking him to give you 10K!! Big hugs hun and hope you get it sorted xxx
  • tell him your mums lent you the cash, then he'll have to pay out. say she had some emergency savings or she won a bit on th bingo. Im afraid id just lie if it meant getting heating for my LO, not ideal but in this case...
  • Oh, Ems101 - Good Idea! Hadnt thought of that!
  • I too would in be inclined to lie! Maybe even go as far as getting your mum to write a check to you (which she can cancel at a later date...?)

    Am so sorry your FIL is being so evil and selfish.

    Could you not get a crisis loan from the sure start people?

  • i presume you own the house? if not you have a right to be rehoused until its fixed.

    your FIL sounds so selfish, i would be inclined to tell fibs too just to piss him off more than anything,

    " as you dont care about your grandchild, my mum has had to take out a loan to help us out " obviously i am thinking it more harshly that that!

    can you get a crisis loan?
  • Wot a selfish FIL!

    I agree with the others lie!

    We were looking at gettin a new boiler for a place we were thinking of buying and the company were doing 0% finance which would've been ideal as we wouldve been able to pay back gradually as we wouldn't have been able to afford it in one go. Hope u get something sorted soon x
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