OMG started to crawl this morning

OMG I don't know what happened to Shea overnight but he woke up this morning and he can crawl!!! He's B****y everwhere!! A week ago he couldn't even sit up on his own and now he's off! I turned my back for one second this morning and he had a handful of cat!!! :lol:
Any tips on containing your crawling baby?
I have bought him a playpen but he hates being in it and I've just ordered some stair gates.

I am very proud of him though as he's only 7 1/2 months and it's put a smile on mummy's face! image


  • Clever Boy Shea image

    Ruby has been crawling (properly) for a couple of weeks now! I'm bloody nackered haha

    Her new trick this week is scaring me half to death as she can know pull herself up (onto her feet!!!) on stuff, chairs etc! But her balance isn't brilliant, so i have to follow her round all day! She has a small bump on her head and a little bruise on her cheek, from when i haven't been fast enough!

    Gone our the days when they would lie on their own and entertain But every little milestone is so exciting.

    Well done
  • brooke done the same she was bum shuffling then yesterday she decided to crawl!! now there is no stopping her and she is into everything!!! need to seriously baby fye my house!! specially the lounge and her room.. and get stairgates and things aargh... she is nearly 10 months so quite late at crawling but there is alot of her to move she is a big lump lol... im really pleased she is on the move at last she might loose some weight but god im knackered!!! xx
  • Well done Shea! Thats well exciting! I can't wait for Kian to start moving around! Hes still on the learning to sit up stage but hes only 6 and a half months so plenty time yet!

    Clever boy Shea image

  • well done Shea!!!!!! what a smart boy! x
  • thanks for the replies ladies.

    I popped home to see him lunchtime, and grandma was absolutly knackered!! ha ha

    yep, need to go home and baby proof the house now, god where am I going to put everything! I've already moved everything off the hearth and it looks soooo bare!

    oooh yeah and the cat bowls.,....where to put them.....

    but it is fun
  • aww well done. evie's just started too, she's been trying for ages and is almost 6month so pretty early i'd say. its hard to keep them "contained" but just gotta keep a constant look out!
  • Well done to all the clever little crawlers. Rhys is only 4 months so got awhile befdre he starts yet x
  • i feel exactly the same linzmc.. i have nowhere to put half the stuff i have got thats y its where it is... lol... think a bootsale might be on the cards.. even when i think i have moved everything out of her reach she finds something else i didnt notice.. think i need to go round on hands and knees and try and think what a baby might find interesting..
  • evie has got sooo many toys, lovely playmat and ring thing to sit in, but her favourite thing to go and get are the tv remotes, my mobile, the playstation... everything she shouldnt bloody have! haha. its impossible to keep them out of her way all the time!
  • i can't wait till finlay starts sitting up and crawling... he gets sooo frustrated now as he can't get anywhere or flops foward or sideways if i try and get him to sit! well done all the little crawlers... oh fin is 23 weeks x
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