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when will baby laugh or giggle?

hi everyone just quick question this is my first baby and bit worried as he aint laughing or giggling yet he as tried and he smiles all the time since 6 weeks he will be 5 months old in a week should he be laughing and giggling now?xx


  • I found at that age my lo only laughed / giggled if I did something to make her laugh like blowing raspberries on her, playing peek a boo or making the silly noises she likes. It was very much trial and error to find someting to make her laugh! Now she randonly giggles at anything at 6.5mths! I am not sure when they shoulod actually laugh, but maybe check with your hv if you are concerned? What do you do to try and make her laugh?
    Sorry, probably not much help!
  • hi hun all babes are different, my started at three months
  • I can't remember exactly when the girls started laughing. I think it was about 4 months but it was hard work to get them to laugh. Now they're 6.5 months and it's easy to make them giggle. Perhaps you have a very serious baby. My girls are quite cautious and don't smile or laugh unless it's someone they know. They're not the sort of children who beam when some random stranger says hello to them!

    I wouldn't worry hun. All babies are different. Perhaps he's just saving it for mummy and daddy and for something really hilarious!! xx
  • HI my lo will only laugh or giggle if i do something like tickling or bouncing on my knee. Otherwise he just tends to smile. i wouldnt worry.
  • At that age my lo mostly laughed when you did something to him like tickling or flying him through the air, bouncing etc. When he was about 7 months he started laughing more at silly things we did or random things that he thought were funny. Bizarre sense of humour!!! :lol:
  • t4bm - my lo is the same! She doesn't smile at random people - but does amazing grins for people she knows!
  • Lucas gives the best smiles to strangers- it's funny to watch because he picks someone out of a crowd and just stares at them until they look at them then beams at them! It makes me very proud- and he seems to be able to melt even "none baby fans". In terms of laughing, at five months we have to work quite hard to get laughs, mostly bouncing on my knee or blowing raspberries on his tum or kissing his neck. Just keep trying to find something she thinks is
  • My LO is 5 months next week and although she is a very smiley baby, she doesn't laugh a lot. It is really hard work to make her laugh and she will usually only do it for her daddy. I think it is so different for every baby, so hopefully our little ones will be laughing away loads soon, xxx
  • Hi.

    im 12 and i still dont laugh, i was called a serious baby when i was little. when will i laugh please serious answers only help

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