worried about his development. can anyone help?

Hi ladies!
I know this is probably the wrong place to post this but i thought ide get more help in here than in toddler.
Harri is 21 months and happy and healthy (i think lol) but im worried that he isnt as "forward" as other boys his age.
He obviously can walk and has donr for nearly a year, but can only say a few words
whats that
he hasnt really got the hang of feeding himself yet and cant dress himself yet.
He does however know were all his body parts are lol image he knows exactly what you are saying though so hes not stupid by a long stretch.

im just worried others are more forward?
can anyone help me compare?


  • Hi

    He sounds the same as Charlotte and she's turned 20 months today.
    And she's only been walking independently for 2 weeks!!

    I'm not worried one bit so you shouldn't be either
  • aww thanks ccbmommy. maybe im just paranoid. x
  • Yep, at 21 months Millie couldn't say as many words as that, couldn't feed herself and couldn't dress herself (although she could take some clothes off :lol: )
    He sounds tottaly normal to me hun, boys do tend to speak later than girls, and if his understanding is good (Millie's was excellent which is why we never worried) then I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
  • Well I thought Charlotte would NEVER walk alone so I'm not one to talk!! x
  • Cole has only recently started coming up with words in about the last month, before that he said car. gone, byebye and uh oh and that was about it. He knows where most of his body parts are and definately understands what you are saying and can make himself understood often even without the words. As for dressing himself - well he tries but he can't get the hang of it yet. he can pull up pj bottoms if we hold them up to step into but we need to help too, he tries to put tops on but usually just sticks an arm through the neck hole

    His eating isn't great but he can feed himself either finger food or off a spoon but usually it gets at least a bit messy.

    Does that help?? It sounds like Harri is doing ok to me though tbh

  • ive also heard boys are later to speak. he can definaltely undress completely. lol he can defiantley understand as when we say do you want to go on thhe naughty step he says no, and if i say go and get your chair for dinner he goes to get it ect xxx
  • He sounds more forward than Charlotte then! Although all of a sudden she's progresses with things, and seems to understand more. I think part of it with her is she's less frustrated now she can walk around.
  • He says more than what Isaac could. Even when he was 2 the only things he would say were

    "Muuuumy!!!" & "No" oh and "aaaaah"

    in the last 8 months he just come out with everything & now i cant shut him up!!!

    I wouldnt worry hunnie xxxx
  • he cant dress himself now either! xx
  • thanks kia!
    harri is obviously average which is perfect!
    ill just wait for him to blossom at his own little pace lol image xxx
  • thanks ladies! xxxx
  • I wouldn't worry. Gabe is 16 months and all he ever seems to say is "ball", "boon" (that means balloon by the way :lol: ), "gone" and "moo". Obviously says Mum, da, nan - and a couple of other animal sounds...But I wouldn't say he 'talks' they sound more like random noises to other people lol but I know what he's trying to say. He can't say anything longer than 1 syllable which is weird he can't say mummy or anything. Tbh most lo's I've known aren't talking properly till they are about 2 - 2 1/2 and boys are known to be later when it comes to talking anyway. I sometimes think Gabe isn't saying enough words but, like you say, Gabe can also understand body parts and if you ask 'Where's your tongue?' he sticks it out, ask 'Where are your fingers?' and he wriggles them and funniest of all 'Where are your teeth?' and he starts snapping like a crocodile!!!
  • aww bless so cute! xx
  • Yep, he sounds definately average and perfect image

    My goddaughter is 6 months younger than cole and she's way better at eating even now than cole is but at 14 months she's only just started pulling herself up and walking on the walker whereas cole was doing that at 9 or so months, yet she's doing better than her big brother who didn't start to crawl till 18 months then walked not long after. Seeing how differently those two are developing when they are so close in age (even if 6 months is a huge gap when they are little - if that makes sense) really makes me see how they all develop differently.

    Don't forget about us on the dec 07 forum - that'll get you a good comparison too image
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