Please help - Sleep, don't know what to do!!

Good morning ladies and babies!!

Charlie is just over 7 months, and although he's never been the World's best sleeper, he was getting so much better and going 7-7 with just dummy runs in between from about 5.5months.

However, for the last 6 wks or so we've been having a bit of a nightmare, as he goes down brilliantly, sometimes awake sometimes asleep (I know naughty Mummy!) but I can honestly say going down awake or asleep makes no difference!! However he will then wake up anytime from between midnight and 3 and then be up for about 11/2-2 hrs, which is starting to get a little exhausting!!!

Now during this time we have had teething hell, and the mother of all colds, so obviously those are to blame for the majority of broken nights sleep which is fair enough, but now his little tooth has popped through and he doesn't have a cold but is still up image

Is he too young to have formed a habit, or is he of an age now where he knows we will go in? Last night he woke for 20 mins then went back to sleep, then was up 10 mins later, went back asleep on me, then back in cot for 10 mins before being up again, and by 5 am I'd given up and he came in with me, which I know isn't good but you do get to the point where you just need some sleep!! (Hubby working away 3 days a week at mo too so don't mind so much, neither of us sleep if he comes in and we're both there!!).

Also he's napping really well in the day too, about 40mins in morning and up to an hr and a half in afternoon, but wonder whether this is due to the fact he's knackered as been up in the night!!!

Sorry for the ramble, but any thoughts/advice/ideas welcome!!!

Thanks in advance!!


  • Not sure that I can offer much useful advice, as my lo is only 5 months, but didn't want to read & run. What does he do when he wakes, is he just stiring, or crying? Have you tried pupd with him, it's worked really well for our lo....?

    I don't think that he's too young for it to be a habit. I know you say his tooth has popped through, but could he still be teething-getting another one maybe? Maybe try using bonjela/teething powders/calpol before bed? Does he need more sleep during the day, as they say good day time sleep is followed by good night time sleep? Sorry if none of this is useful, hope he's sleeping well through the night again for you soon xx
  • thanks honeypops,

    what is pupd? Never heard of that one!!

  • Sorry, it's pick up, put down. It's a technique favoured by The Baby Whisperer as an alternative for cc. Basically, you pick them up if they're crying, and put them down again once they stop. It may take up to 50 times, but it does work eventually. That's just a brief outline, sure if you google it (or The Baby Whisperer) you'll find loads more info. I used it to get my lo to sleep in her cot during the day, and after a few days, she went down without protest. Good luck xx
  • Hi hun

    I'd say he is definitely old enough to know you'll come in when he shouts.

    I'd try just going in and shushing him, as many times as needed. Problem is that he wakes up, thinks I'd like to play with my mum now, and won't go back to sleep until he's had his way. And who can blame him, it's boring on your own lol.

    I have never done PIPD shushing has worked for us, but it's the same premise.

    Good luck x
  • Thanks guys, but it is a bit like you said How Excited, I find when I go in, it often makes it worse as it's 'ooh, playtime!!' but I'm 'nooooooo! It's 3am, sleep time!!' lol.

    We do do pat a shush, and that does sometimes work along with the dummy, but othertimes the dummy just acts as a toy to bang against bars of cot!! I'm a bit worried that maybe I might have to do a bit of cc'ing, although I think in his case it would be more controlled groaning/mumbling as he never gets to the point of screaming, but that could just be because I never let him get to that point! Aggghhh! It's such a nightmare to know what to do!!

    But thanks again for your replies, if nothing else it makes you feel like you're not alone to know others have been are going through similar things!!

  • Just to add, I've never done CC deliberately but I do ignore grumbles and moans now.

    I didn't used to, I'd run in straight away, but I found my LO would usually go back to sleep without me. I found this out by being knackered and nodding off while she was moaning!

    Now she always goes back to sleep on her own in the night, I very very rarely go in and that is to a proper cry not a moan.

  • I think I'm going to have to be stricter over what I go into, and just before we had grumblings that escalated to a scream out which I ignored,
    and just waited a min before rushing in and he settled back down within a few minutes, so that's promising! Fingers crossed for a better night! Xx
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