Friendships formed on BE!!

I know a lot of us mummies have built some friendships through BE but just wanted to share this picture taken today of Tommy and Cazmac's little girl Faith.

We went to a Surestart Playroom and both lo's seemed to have fun.


  • aww how adorable xx
  • Awhhh bless!! I'm sure Tommy gets cuter everytime I see him, and isn't Faith a poppet as well?
  • faith is fast a sleep now so tried from playing with tommy they cute love toomy hair it lighter everytime i see him
    tallkatie they look so cute. It good that we can meet you other mums from BE hope you both had good time

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  • those are great pics!! (the bouncy chair in the background of Tommy & Faith's pic is the same as mine!!)

    will see my BE friends soon.....!
  • Aw so cute - match made in heaven methinks - does Tommy like his older lady?!

    Natalie - where are you, we gotta get our pics up here lol!xx
  • oh how lovely is that!!!!! MY friend has baby 7 weeks younger than her and they have been playing this afternoon, crawling and chasing each other through the night garden tunnel i think its great some of you guys live close enough to meet up . And Lee what is going on with Tommys hair lol!!!!!! Faith looks a picture of health too bless her xx
  • I havent got any pics YET! but ive met with becki ryan, anne from here a few times and also steph and demi! will get some pics next time!!
  • Aah bless!

    Here is a photo of some of us February Mummys...

    Shelley and Max, Me and Ruby, Ally (Yum Yum) and Bertie and Patti (Lychees) and Aiden.

    We're all very excited as off to the Baby Show next month too! xx
  • september mummies should so meet up one day!
  • Does anyone come from Suffolk? xx
  • Aww, loving the photos.
  • :lol: karen do yo actually have any of the boys together? lol x
  • Well no, but we'll have to make sure we get one now lol!xx
  • I met MrsGreggy when I was about 4 weeks pregnant...on the July 08 forum, and have become firm friends....

    Despite MrsGreggy living in Newcastle, and me in Enfield, me and the hubby went to visit Newcastle before Christmas, and Alfie finally met Josh!!

    Attached is a link to a picture we took while out, I am holding MrsGreggys boy Josh ( on left ) and MrsGreggy is holding my Alfie

    What a great site this!!!

  • Well Sam beat me to it! It's been fantastic sharing my pregnancy and and being a new mum with such an amazing girl!! Thanks hun! x
  • Soppy so and so!!! Mrs G!!

    Ditto to you - couldn't of got through it without you.

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