Bronchiolitis advice PLEASE

Hi ladies,
It's been ages since I have been on to write anything but am wondering if any one can offer any advice for me and my lo
She was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis on Wednesday after being really poorly for 2 days and generally off colour for 2 before that. What can I do to help her? We are giving Calpol and obviously trying to keep her milk and fluid intake up but she so not interested in food or milk and this us affecting her energy levels. She is so miserable and I really miss her smile.
If any one can answer these questions I'll be truly grateful:
1. If your lo had Bronchiolitis how long did it last for?
2. Any remedies, treatments that can ease the symptoms?
3. Any tricks to encourage her to drink her milk or even eat something?

She is 10 months old today and otherwise completely healthy.

Thanks for reading

Ps she picked it up at nursery where I have had to send her due to going back to work....the guilt is tearing me up, even though she loved it before she got ill.

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  • my ds had this but he was 4 weeks so was admitted to hospital and put in an oxygen box. and his milk intake was lowerd because of his trouble breathing so dont really no how much help this will be as your daughter is older and is obviously dealing with the illness better than my ds could at 4 weeks it took him a week to get better and 2 weeks to be fully himself again i think the best thing you can do is ots of tlc and let her rest
  • Hi hun,

    Im a paeds nurse so have looked after lots of babies with this illness. Bronchiolitis usually gets worse before it gets better. It can last bewteen 7 to 14 days.

    There isnt a terrible lot that we can do to help. But try raising one end on the cot so she is lying on an upwards incline, this helps to open her airways. Apply saline drops to each nostril before her feed, this will help her breathing whilst she is drinking. If she doesnt want milk try offering her water for a few feeds, just keeping her hydrated is important, dont worry about food. Keep going with the calpol, its magic.

    The bad news is that she will be more susceptible to colds/coughs for the rest of the winter. The good news is that babies bounce back quickly from illnesses so she wont be poorly for long.

    Have slight baby brain so if I think of anything else I will let you know xxx

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  • Thank you babymay, you have put my mind a little at ease. Seems like we are halfway through I think. She has just taken a huge 11oz of milk in the last hour which is fabulous plus she ate half a jar of food too.

    Lots of cuddles for her and keeping supplies of Calpol in stock.

  • Oh fantastic. Hope she makes a very quick recovery. Give her an extra squeeze from me xxx
  • hi mrs111 - toby had this when he was 10 weeks old and is now 10 momths too. He was in hospital on oxygen as he was so young and needed a tube but he bounced back so fast it was incredible - seriously 4 days and he was so much better.

    Lift bed one end - calpol - maybe a plug in vapuriser.

    Toby has been much more resceptable to chest infections but i think this is because he had it so young.

    Really hoping that little one makes a good recovery - and please dont feel guilty - you are setting your little one up with an amazing example of a mummy and she will learn a fab work ethic which is exactly what this country needs. You are doing a fab job and unfortunately little ones do get lots of coughs colds and bugs in their first few years.

    Let us know how you all are tomorrow x
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