whats the best bit?

Whats the best bit for you when it comes to being a mum?
My best bit is watching my babys face light up when i come into the room and seeing my toddler breath so peacefully when she is sleeping.


  • Big huge smiles first thing in the morning, and now he's started laughing at things I do like singing to him and making noises.
    And I agree, when he's sleeping he just looks so perfect and amazing, I wonder how we managed to make something that beautiful.
  • It may sound soppy, but I don't think I can pick a best bit. The smiles first thing are fabulous, but, for me, it just keeps getting better. Every day she does something else that makes me step back in wonder at how she grows & changes, and as chubs113 says, how we managed to make something so beautiful & amazing! Being a mummy is THE best thing ever!xx
  • So many things... at the moment it is watching the way lo copies his daddy... especially when he tries to blow raspberries (unsuccessfully at the moment). We laugh so much at him and he gives us a look as if to say 'what are you laughing at?'
  • It changes with each new stage for me.....today's has to be the way she raises her arms for me to pick her up with a "Mer" noise at the same time, just too cute!
    I love the smiles & happy chatty noises in a morning (even when it's 6am and I'm willing her to go back to sleep :lolimage
    LOVE being a Mummy, I believe it's what I was meant to do x
  • oooh so many things to choose from............I think its just being a mummy to 4 fab children who make my heart pound with love when I get loves and hugs from them..I think thats enough lol being a mummy is just perfect xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • ih soo many things to choose from!!
    definately his cheeky grins, and funny noises he makes, but also when he see's me walking into the room and thrashes around excitedly!!

    watching my 10 year old talking to my little man fills my heart with so mucg pride, I LOVE BEING A MUM!!
  • there are some lovely replies, a friend asked me yesterday what the best thing for me was and i didnt know how to answer her which is why i put this post up, being a mummy is the best job in the world but also the hardest and most demanding, they are so worht it though and every day brings new things for me to love about both my beautiful girls. x
  • definatley the big smile, melts my heart even if he has kept me up all night!
  • Watching her achieve something she is so desperate to do. Emilia has been desperate for the last few days to sit up on her own, and today she finally managed it!!! She has such a determined spirit. That and her funny laugh!
    Joanna x
  • When he's asleep just looks so beautiful and when he see's me come into his room in the mornings, his delight on his face is a picture.

  • mine is just everytime i look into her face. she makes my heart swell x
  • Mine is his laugh, it is the morst contagious laugh ever! And his gorgeous smile and oh... just everything about him!!

  • my boys big smiles Ilove watching them happy xx
  • Lo is 4 weeks old on Monday and I swear she properly smiled at me today - I just melted! Please no-one tell me it had to be wind! lol. I love watching her asleep, she looks so content and beuatiful xx
  • I love every second with my little man, i LOVE being a mummy, the smile first thing in the morning are amazing, watching him sleep is beautiful and every second when he does something new just makes me smile so much. Being a mummy is the best thing i have ever done. Sxx
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