Dare we discuss the 13yr old father? No arguments ladies!!

Just finished reading the News of the World (to my shame! - guilty pleasure) and wondered if the 13yr old father story still has the shock value it may have had, say 20 yrs ago. It seems that most people think it is sad but are not outraged. Me? I am probably going to be slain for this but I am horrified and sickened by it....and it's worse as reportedly (yes, possibly not true) the families are in bidding wars for newspapers.
It seems that some people just have children without a second thought about who will pay for them (and yes I know love i the most imp thing). I have friends who have to pay a fortune for IVF (thankfully they conceived and then this poor child fathers a baby.
What do others think?


  • I think its absolutley tragic. He was only 12 when she fell pregnant and I look at dd (who's also 12) and am sickened at the thought that she could be sexually active at her age. I think its young to even be thinking about snogging at their age let alone able to have sex.

    I was apalled to read that the family allow him to stay around their house overnight and share a room with the girl, what are they thinking, they are children.

    I think I have been equally shocked though that a 15 year old girl would have any interest in a 12 year old boy. If their ages were reversed people would be slating the boy as taking advantage but this seems to have been overlooked.

    I could go on about this for ages but generally am just really saddened by it, also cant help but blame the parents.

  • I am horrified that the parents of these teens have let the media in and let their own children be exposed to the outrage, what is it going to do to a 13 year old?? They see the pound signs flashing before their eyes and have no regard for how they are viewed by the population.
    Having said that, I saw on Teletext earlier that the 13year old may not be the father. I did wonder about that, don't mean to be crude but is it physically possible for a boy who's voice hasn't broken to produce sperm?
  • I no what you mean. 13 years old, I know siblings with that age gap. Let alone a parent and a baby, I feel sorry for the poor boy and his girlfriend. From I have read and heard they haven't come close to realising the real reality of having a child.

    Like you said 20 years ago there would have been outrage from the public. Now its almost socially acceptable. Maybe if there was public outrage this wouldn't happen so often,

    I hope, really hope they both turn out to be fab parents. Not like some teenage parents who find it hard to cope and the children suffer for it (no offence intended)

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Like mumdonna, I'm sickened by it.

    What makes it worse, is that boy looks about 9. He looks younger than my 11 year old brother. My brother still thinks girls are disgusting! At his age, me and my friends were talking about 'fancying' boys (I had a big crush on Michael Owen lol) but thats all it was, crushes. No kissing and as for sex, I dont think we had any idea about it, I mean we knew the birds n bees but only vaguely.

    How can a boy who looks so young, be sexually active? the thought of it...makes me feel ill. I know the mother is 15 but she looks physically mature. It just seems like paedophilia to me (I know it isnt).

    Whatever happened to morals? I hope to teach Gabe that sex should be part of a committed relationship and, of course, with a bloody condom!!!! I had him at 19 which is very young, but 13???!!!

  • Should prosecute her (& her parents for allowing him to stay) 12yr olds cannot legally consent so it's statutory rape.
    I thnk they should seriously consider care proceedings as g'parents have shown themselves to be irresponsible & the kids cannot be expected to know or be able to care for a baby.
  • It really is beggers belief how the mother let those boys stay over her house. My oh was invited to stay over the night at his gf house with the ok of her parents (oh mum did not know about this) and they ended up having sex.They were both 14. Thankfully oh had sense and used protection and looking back he agrees that it was too young and regrets it.

    I feel so sorry for that baby.
  • I think it's really sad. I haven't read the full story just saw the front page headline, but it really shocked me!
  • I agree with camlo.

    Also if the girl was my daughter I would want her to have an abortion. I don't always agree with it, but in this case, I think it wouldve been for the best. How the hell can that boy be a dad. My oh struggles and he's 22.
  • Yeah i totally agree, i personally believ his not the father n just bin set up cos she is fully mature n reading bout her she's allowed 2 hav her boyfriends overnite so he was the unfortunate naive catch 2 push the baby on. she is 15 wot the HELL!!!!! is she doin with a 12yr old thats RAPE!
    Heard on the radio she has a bad reputation in the neighbourhood, she takes contraception at 15 known to her parents, also she took the boy with her to the gp after one day of sex, after one pill missed n having tummy cramps. how the hell could she think she was pregnant if she didn know already n who takes thier boyfriend to the gp wit them wen u hav tummy cramps without suspectin pregnancy.
    Also her parents seem very irresponsible to speak casually bout the whole thing to the media, her parents found out at 6wks n she never got into trouble meaning they never let her understand the gravity of wot she had done and then keepin it from the boys parents for another 6wks is jus lame. they had it all planned out cos am sorry to say she's ruined the baby boys life n he doesn have a clue let alone understand. guess her parents r gettin paid 4 it.
    His parents r very irresponsible too, although they r owning up its totally wrong especially his dad, i don think any of thier families realise they've been rubbed of thier childhood.
    I would demand a DNA!!!! if i were his parents n how the hell could her parents allow him spend the night and where is his mum when his spending the night at hers.
    Am so gobsmacked and disgusted, i could go on and on cos this is outrageous. wot is this life turning into. i got pregnant at almost 23 n it didnt feel totlly rite even if it was on my honeymoon cos i would have preferred 2 hav accomplishd a lot more, am still studying to become a gp after 6yrs studying medicine. i even got told off by my family not bcos it wasnt rite but it didnt happen at the rite time.
    i strongly believe things have to be planned, n even when mistakes happen they hav 2 be addressed so a repitition doesnt occur, thats wot parents r for not to show off thier kids to the world even wen we they wrong. i've got 2 little daughters n am so terrified about how all this has been easily accepted by the society.
  • cant believe i blabbed dis much, pardon me girls i've jus bin in so much shock even talkin bout it makes me fume. sorry girls i have to shut up now.
  • I had read that they kept it a secret and her parents noticed her "swelling". The fact that they decided to keep it a secret just proves that are not mature enough to be parents. Also you can't forse her to have an abortion.

    As for allowing sleep overs.......What were the parents thinking?? Or not as the case may be. It's a shame. I can really see that poor baby in care, I doubt there will be any prosocution as the case would be so complicated. Who would you prosocute and on what charge?? If you prosocute the girl then what happens to the child?? Plus child protection would get involved and say that both parents are too young to really understand etc etc,

    But then we have all made mistakes. Not quite with those types of consiquences and we really don't know the whole story, Only what the press say.

    Poor kids!! I personally blame their parents.
  • I have to agree with EmmaLou - the most shocking thing to me was why the hell she was having sex with him? He looks so young.

    When I saw the pic of him holding her it was like a little boy who'd just met his new baby sister.

    I cant spk much on her having sex young as I was 14 (something I live to regret) but a 12 year old having sex turns my stomach. I just hope they do start to understand consiquence and they give the lil baby a good life. xx

    There is stories going around now that he is one of 3 possible fathers and one of them is demanding a DNA test? What a mess!
  • I can't believe it, he looks so young wtf was she thinking omg. and why the hell let him stay over night how irresponsible can the parents be they are children ffs not adults i'm going to stop now cause i'm starting to shout at the computer and scare the dog xxx
  • Thanks brandollarz had not seen this 1, cant believe her parents gave consent to these boys sleeping with thier daughter.
    I had the feeling it was planned, i guess they were trying to make sum money or make history. if its proved his not the father n al this is true then i think the social services should be involved in both the mother and babaies case
    because if the parents are not responsible then who's gonna be responsible for the baby maisie. pooor baby to born into all this chaos.
  • The first thing I thought when I heard was to question if he was really the father. I'm sure it's not impossible but.... my god look at him, he's a baby himself!
  • Agree with everything said before. I haven't read any of the news articles with The Sun/NOTW but what I have heard is disgusting. The boy looks so young, how the hell is he...well...capable?!
    Poor little baby girl born into the world this way. The parents (of the teens) should be prosecuted, God knows what they are thinking - maybe seeing all those ?? signs from the newspapers are blocking their common sense values. I also heard on Sky news that 2 other boys wanted to contest paternity now. The parents of the young mum involved must be so proud of her!!
  • i cant belive it either, he only looks 8 and he looks soo lost so inocent.. iv read that it might not even be his coz she has slept around a LOT, so there having a dna test done... i also blame the parents really, even though i lost my virginty at 14 and ex 13 so we were very young, it just proves lack of sex education really... i think they the should look after the baby, supervised, but then they will learn from there mistakes. xxx
  • If you're not old enough to babysit at 13 why on earth is it ok to care for a baby permanently at that age?! They are far too young and I personally am fed up of 'children' having babies that they no intention or means of supporting themselves. It really gets on my nerves.
  • I think its disgusting that she had sex with him, 15 is young anyway but it is a lot older than 12. Also agreeing with ptd I'm not sure its possible, my eledst son is 12 (13 in june) so around about the same age as this lad and I just cant see how he could physically father a child, my son is young looking for his age but nowhere near as young looking as this lad, it also says in the paper that his voice has not even broken yet. Without meaning to go into tmi for anyone my son still legs it across the hallway into the bathroom without his bathrobe on and I cannot see how he would be physically capable of fathering a child if you see what I mean.

    It has been said now that they are not sure that he is the father, I may be being a bit cynical here but maybe the girl and her family have duped him into thinking he is so that they can get the publicity and the money :roll:
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