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lo christening

hi ya ladies how many other mums r christening their babies as it aint such a popular thing now a days my lo was christened sunday we spent all day sunday looking for outfit as other half wasnt happy him wearing dress the whole day lol any way i saw a shirt and waist jacket in next and had to get it even though it was a lot of money which we dont have i then had to get the trouses as well from next whole outfit cost 30 pounds but he looked so cute

untill wait for it we got to the after party and i gave him his solids and he pucked it all back up wot a mess .

the day went well after that he had lots of cuddles which he loves


  • Hi,

    i'm thinking of getting our little one christened, but to be honest dont know where to start, how much does it cost for the church etc etc..

  • hi, im getting my lo christned. it dosent cost anything at the church where im getting it done. you usually have to have the christening in the church within the parish you live unless you go to a particular church regularly.
  • hi i am getting my lo christened am having a joint one with my sisters lo only 3 months apart (cheaper that way lol) not till april tho it does not cost anythink for the church just if you want to do an after party thing and sarahaston29 totally agree with the dress thing for a boy am going to get my lo a suit thing for the christening oh wouldnt have him in a dress any way lol x x x
  • I'm not going to have Poppy christened - we're going to have a naming ceremony in the new year instead when she'll be about 5 months old. Neither me or my oh are religious and when we got married it was a civil ceremony so we decided against a traditional christening. We're both in agreement about it but what a fuss it will cause in the families when we tell them we're not having her christened!
  • Hi i am getting Lexie christened in the new year she will be around 6 months when we do it its gonna be a joint one with my brothers little boy he is 3. i am mainly getting her christened so it dont upset family they would go up the wall if she wasnt done and its so she will get into the school we want her to go to as round here if they are not christened some schools wont accecpt them, but it will be a nice day and as its a joint one it will half the cost.
  • We had Archie christened in september at the same church we were married at and where his two big sisters were christened.
    We had a gown made for the girls out of the train from my wedding dress but bought Archie a silk romper with jacket attached.
    one of the reasons for christening them was it was a chance to get family and friends together and it was something that my hubby believes is important.
    Lin like you say it helped us get the girls in our village school which is a church school and requires them to be christened..
    We made the service very personal and had the traditional god parents but added poems read by friends that made the day a mixture of religion and not...
  • I've got both of my son's christened. daniel was 8 weeks old and joe was 12 weeks old when we had him christened last August.

    It doesn't cost anything to join any faith, but in most catholic & C of E expect some kind of "donation" for their time, as well as something for the church too, this can be anything from ??5 to ??100. what ever you feel you want to give. we gave ??20 each time. just ring up your local church or speak to the father/vicar after a sunday service and tell them you would like to get your lo christened.

    I got a suit for daniel which cost ??30 & Joe's cost ??45. i bought a shawl and got both of their christening dates and names on it & if we have any more kids we'll use it again.

    The food i did my own buffet/cake for 90 people and hired the local labour club and cost about ??150 for both... & thats for just my family and a few friends! lol :\)

    we had a lovely day both times, lovely to see all the family together. even if people aren't religous i think everyone should have a get together to celebrate a new life in the whole. xxxx
  • thanks for writting on here nice to see its still something people do me and my oh aint religous but both other girls where christened and our son is very special to my family as he is first grandson for both parents and for mine it was exstra special as he wore the same gown my brother wore when he was christened but unfortunatly he died in an accident at the age of 25
    it didnt cost nothing for church just the after party which we had at a pub due to small house and less hassel for us this cost us 130 for 30 people
  • well i looked having my lo christened but got such an awful response from the church that I absolutely will not have him done now!
    they were so rude to me. I explained that i wasnt currently attending church but would like whats best for my son and they were so rude to me and insinuated that i was just doing it for 'the party' and mentioned that i obviously didnt know what a christening was for!.. .....
    he had me in tears by the end of the conversation! both me and my husband were both christened so we just wanted to know more about it and they refused to help.
    not the kind of attitude i would expect from a church!
    sorry to bring a downer story to the listing!

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