my poor boy!

Arrrgh woke up this morning and thought Gabe had been sick in the night as there was runny orange stuff under his head - well it wasn't sick - it was POO! He'd had such bad diarrea that it had gone all in his HAIR, all over the cot bars, well everywhere really. His vest was ruined, grobag was soaked thru! I had to give him a quick strip wash with wipes and pick bits out of his hair (oh the joys). I couldnt give him a bath as OH and bil's rooms are both next to the bathroom and I'd wake them both up! At 10 months he's too big for the sink. So I used half a pack of wipes and he stank!!! I've had to wash his hair in a bowl and strip wash him again with baby wash (he wasnt happy) and I can STILL smell it.

Being a mum is so much fun isnt it! :roll:

I feel so bad for him though! I hope he's OK. He seems his normal self so just trying to get fluids in him.


  • Oh bless him, hope he feels better soon. I'd have said sod the men though and woke them up. Gabe's more important! Lol x
  • aw bless him. If he seems ok in himself then he mustn't be hurting so thats one good thing.
    Cameron had bad diarreah a few weeks ago and it was like this, really watery. but he was fine after a few days. if he will drink water or juice offer it to him very often so that he doesnt get dehrdrated
  • Oh, poor little sausage! And poor you. Is he poorly, or just a bit stinky?

    Have to say althoiugh I'm normally a considerate person I'd have made OH & BIL lump it and used the bath!
  • Poor little thing! Hope he's got whatever caused it out of his system now.

    I have to agree though that I would have given him a bath anyway too.
  • Awwwww poor little thing! At least he seems happy in himself that's a good sign. Take care and hope he feels better soon x
  • Aww poor little man - still it obviously didn't bother him in the night which is good! I'm with the others, i know your OH works nights but i'd make him lump it - still i know it's different when you're the one having to live with the grief you'd get! image xxx
  • Awhh bless him, poor little thing! How does he seem this morning? (apart from stinky!) I also would have put him in the bath, but I'm mean, I'd have been extra loud on the grounds that if I had to clean up poo every one else should suffer too :lol:
  • Lol, I am very considerate haha, bil I couldnt care less about, he's lazy and should be up anyway but didnt wanna wake oh cos he will be back to work tonight and up till 5/6am....

    Hope I didn't put anyone off their breakfast, I did go into a bit too much detail!!!

    He doesn't seem poorly at all, no temp, looks happy and alert...very odd!
  • Aww bless him, obviously not bothered by it then which is good.
    I have to say though I'm one of the ones who'd have been really lod while cleaning an bathing him :lol:

    I remember when Ollie did something similar - had to wash down the whole cot as well as he'd woken up and tried to get away from the poo....

  • Bless him. You are a better person than me. At that time in the morning I would definitely put him in the bath.
    Archie had a terrible exploding poo once and was inside the fornt of his vest, when I took vest off over his head it went everywhere, up his nose yeuch.
    Anyway hope he feels better soon. S x
  • awk a poor wee man! better out than in though & god love you having to clean it all up- the joys of being a mummy indeed!
    ellie has overnight developed a stinking cold & is is horrible form poor pet i think she has more teeth coming through...not easy on them! xx
  • ahhhhhhh poor gabe and poor you!!!! its definitely a mothers love that assists us xxx
  • I hope Gabe is feeling better (and is less stinky)!
    I would have woken everyone too lol!!
  • I spoke too soon saying he was OK! I tried to give him some milk and he was violently sick everywhere. Must have a tummy bug...Im just giving him water etc...
  • Bless him hope he feels better soon

    TallKatie - I have finally found someone else who says gipped my OH thinks i'm weird for saying it!!

  • sounds like he's got what Ollies just gotten over, poor mite. Could be anything up to a week before he's right again... sorry.
    we were told dry food stuffs, and water (or diarolyte) for most of his drinks, but with gabe being young i'd say ttry him with an oz of milk or so every couple of hours to try and get something to stay down.

    Hope he clears it faster than Ollie, not a pleasant experience.

  • Yeah, I'm just not giving him any food as I thought you shouldn't? He hates diarolyte but will drink lots of water ... might try some diluted formula or something later x
  • What's "gipped"?
  • Aww bless him, hope he feels better soon!
  • Bless him babes, hope he is feeling better soon! xxx
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