Aversion to lumps and veggies

I think yesterday's tantrum may have been because Oscar's been funny with lumps all day. He's just sat and picked all the lumps out of his dinner - and it was *all* lumps!! He is currently picking up the lumps from the mess mat and eating them :lol:

Now I'm happy to hide veg in sauces etc, and give him some extra as finger food in case he takes it, or reverting to the failsafe option of adding cheese. He'll eat finger foods of fruit, cheese and my toast but I struggled to get him to eat a sandwich which is one of his favourite foods.

Is this a phase? Do I just have to ride it out, or are there any ideas to get us through this?


  • Lillith has been a bit like this week-in fact because she has been poorly we've been on puree's-I think here teeth have been the main problem though-she's cut 2 this week and they've been causing trouble with eating!
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