Have you still got baby brain?

Bloody baby brain!!! I bought some tickets online recently to go and see Tim Minchin at the O2, its not till December but I'm soo excited about it. Anyway they arrived in the post this morning and now I have no idea where on earth I put them!!:\?


  • I managed to lose a clip I bought to stop lo losing his dummy, only had it about 2 hours. Still hasn't turned up 2 weeks later. On the plus side I remembered my rather random password for my work computer after 6 months away!
  • Found an Allen key in a packet of raw chicken inside the fridge the morbing after searching high and low for it, funniest thing was oh had looked in the fridge, but checked the chocolate and not the chicken!
  • We have 4 partially used tubs of marmite in the house - I keep opening them thinking 'gosh we're going through marmite awfully fast' then after smearing it on my toast, putting the tubs in my FREEZER. Found 3 frozen tubs the other day in different sections of my freezer and only one remains in the cupboard where it belongs.

    The scary thing is, it's only ME that eats the stuff and Hugo is nearly 8 months old. I start work in October so I hope my firm has its malpractice insurance up to date!
  • I was baking a cake the other day and had to throw it out and start again because I lost track of how much sugar I was putting in and put iin twice as much as I should have.

    Wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that I was only supposed to put in one cup. Who loses count after counting to one???
  • I still lose count of the number of scoops of formula I'm putting in the bottle...after 6 months! In my defence though, I am expecting again, so could use the baby brain excuse for a while yet!xx
  • Apparently baby brain is a myth, but don't know how they can say that with so much evidence to the contrary!

    I'm always forgetting what I was saying because I've been interrupted. Not usually putting things in random places.

    But OH who works nights is always trying to put the kettle or sugar int he fridge after making a cuppa, so maybe my mummy brain is catching?! xx
  • Gutted - I love Tim Minchin. I hope you find them and have a great time!

    B xx
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