3 weeks old and fighting sleep??

my LO is 3 and a half weeks old and doesnt seem to settle in the day.
She'll settle on me but doesnt really fally into a deep sleep, The smallest movemt and she is wide awake.
now this causes her to be quite grouchy because she seems to be tired but just wont sleep.
What can i do to help her sleep in the day?


  • bump.
    Girls my little princess has been awake since 7am and has yet again gone without a nap
    :cry: Poor little mite is exhausted again and i just cant get her to settle

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  • Aw bless her, we had similar problems with my now 10 month old. He always fought sleep from about your lo's age and, though he slept through at night, he barely slept in the day. For a while he sometimes slept on me on his tummy after a bottle. Then we found the problem was that we were keeping it light in the day (I know it is advised to keep things light, and noisy in the day to establish night and day and also to help babies to be able to sleep through noise) but this didnt work for us at ALL, it had to either be dark, quiet and still (ie - in cot or moses basket) or 'on the move' (in pushchair/car) ... He won't sleep in the day unless he's in his cot, pushchair or car ... would never sleep in a bouncer or anything.
    Hope this helps, your lo might well be the same xx
  • hey,

    Poor you! Louise has always wanted to sleep on me during the day, she's 8 months tomorrow and falling asleep on me now!

    Have you tried taking her out in a pram? or using a dummy?

  • I have a similar problem and have raised it with the HV and she said for me to be thankful that she was sleeping good at night, Not the type of response I was expecting.

    the only thing which will get Skye to sleep is a walk in the pram or car journey. So I will be interested in any other answers.

    Skye' s eyes are often red with tiredness but she still wont sleep.

  • Thanks for your suggestions image
    She will fall to sleep on me, but any slight movement and she wakes & the crying begins.

    She does fall to sleep in her carseat if we take her out but as soon as you stop in traffic or anything she wakes.

    I feel so bad for her because its obvious she needs her sleep.

    Thankfully she sleeps in the night and in her moses. Waking like clockwork for her feeds.

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