Things you can't help doing ........

but probably shouldn't!

Yesterday I was at my dad and stepmums and had Niamh on my knee. I was looking at her head and thought to myself ohhh that cradle cap looks pickable so promtly started having a good pick which led me to being told to leave her alone and stop picking by my stepmum. I just couldn't help myself though and the minute we were home I started again and really enjoyed picking the flakes out as disgusting as sounds!

So please tell me I am not the only one who just can't help themselves when it comes to things like this!


  • :lol: Emily has never had cradle cap so i haven't had a chance to pick that. But i am obsessed with her ears being clean! When she is feeding i always clean them quickly with a muslin if i can see any wax!

    Can't think of anything else at the moment...

  • Oh my god, it was my favourite thing to do when lo had cradle cap, so naughty, but it was just about to fall off lol.
  • I used to love picking the cradle cap off lo's head! It's just so satisfying! It didn't do my lo any harm and I actually think I helped clear it up faster!x
  • I am also one for the ear wax lol
  • And boogies too!x
  • When my lo had cradle cap, I actually started a thread asking if anyone had picked it! Got a couple of people saying it was definitely something they wouldn't dream of doing. But I agree, I think it actually helped to clear it up quicker. It didn't come back to the areas I picked! Used to do it while lo slept on me! x
  • Ohhh bogies! I forgot about them! :lol: x
  • And boogies too!x

    I agree boogies, I just can't help it, so satisfying when one comes out!!
  • I love nothing more than a good pick!

    If you put baby oil on it and leave it for 10 mins it comes off nice and easily! image
  • If I see a big boogie I can't rest till it's out, lol!!
  • Especially when you get one that looks quite innocent to begin with but then you pull it out and realise that it's massive-result!
  • Ah boogies - another favourite of mine! God help Niamh if she lies in the wrong position and I can see boogies up her nose, I get so frustrated if I can't get it out lol!

    Poor Niamh is going to be so tramautised by all the picking I do of her!

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  • Yes, guilty to all three as well, cradle cap, ear wax and bogies!!!
  • Me me me! Love picking! Ear wax and bogies are my top two, was gutted as Sara never got cradle cap!!!
  • love the lot, the cradle cap, the ear wax and the bogies!!!

    Gemm x
  • Think it's a female thing to pick! Mind you OH likes to pick scabs! Going to have to try not to do that when lo is older, wouldn't want to scar him! image xx
  • Guilty of all 3. I also get any spots or blackheads oh has too lol I am so disgusting ha ha.
  • mybutler i'm exactly the same as you, gutted lO didnt get cradle cap, would have loved picking that! Also guilty of snot and ear wax too. Resisting a mega urge right now as he's had an ear infection and dont want to risk hurting him.
    Also, on me because i'll never let LO sun burn but when my skin peels after burning it, LOVE picking that too!
    God, we're all gross!
  • We certainly are Starbrite lol

    Next time my stepmum tells me off I am going to show her this topic lol

    I love it he he he
  • How embarrassing - I also am guilty of all 3... I hate it when lo has a bogy just out of reach - tummy time usually brings it right to the front though!

    I have to admit I'm one of those people at school who would plaster themselves in PVA glue just for the joy of peeling it off - nothing like it! No wonder I'm a cradle cap picker!
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