Maclaren Quest Sport

I'm looking for a lightweight buggy to take on holiday and the maclaren quest sport seems to be ticking all the boxes. I seem to remember there being a recall of Maclaren and wonder if I need to worry about this with buying a new one?

Also if anyone has any feedback on the Quest, I'd love to hear it, thanks xx


  • I have it and really like it. So light. V V easy to collapse/put up. Good basket. Nice padded handles. The only thing that lets it down is that it doesn't lie completely flat. I can't even remember the last time my nosey little thing fell asleep in buggy/car seat so not an issue for us but for the price I feel like I'm missing out a bit on that feature.

    It has a really useful handle on the side and also a shoulder strap which I use lots.

  • I have a Quest too and I love it. I've had my LO in it from approx 4 months as I hated my travel system. Easy to collapse and put up with 1 hand and easy to get on public transport. My LO seems very comfy and happy in it but as Baby B says, it does not lie completely flat, having said this, my little man happily naps in it an seems very happy doing so.

    Its very sturdy and I feel like it will last my LO until he no longer needs a pram.

  • Thanks so much for your replies, really appreciate the feedback xx
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