Mucus...snuffy nose and chest..Cystic fibrosis?

Hi girls!

I'm driving myself mad with worry!
Poppy was born early.. Just before 1week old
Poppy got really snuffly! Took her to the docs who
said her chest was clear and not to worry!
Over the next days she was struggling to breath so
brought a nasal Asspirator.. And have got lots of mucus out
we are now on day 17 and she is still sniff,coughy and
seems to be getting worse! midwife said I needed to
take her back to the docs.. Which I doing at 1050!
But I'm really worried that maybe Poppy has Cystic Fibriosis(sp)
has anyone elses babies had the same symptoms?

Just want to cry! image


  • Hi honey,
    I can't really offer much help in regards to symtoms, but I thought they tested for CF in the heel prick test (someone please correct me if i'm wrong).
    Also, a lot of babies are very snuffly at such a young age, they have been surrounded by amniotic fluid for over 9 months and covered in vernix. It could just be that she is still clearing it all out.
    Share your worries with the doctor as you know Poppy best.
    Keep us updates and try not to worry too much.
    Jo x x x
  • Don't get yourself too worried! My son born full of mucus, and was snuffly and coldy etc and still full of it until about two months old!
  • Hi there

    was your baby a section? Section babies take a lot longer to clear out all the slime and mucus as they have not been squeezed in the birth canal.

    Not sure about checking for CF in heel prick. However, my 2nd born had a sweat test at about 18 months for CF. It was clear. Its like a watch that they wear for a few hours.

    good luck at the drs
    d x
  • Hope the doctor has reassure you by now. My lo was the same (not a c section) I started using saline nose drops at about 10 days old and continued them for a long time and he constantly had the snuffles. I then discovered at about 3 monthhs that he had silent reflux (after refusing milk or weeks) Within a few days on gaviscon the snuffles had gone so it was all part of the relux!

    I'm not suggesting that your lo has reflux just wanted to give you an example of a simple explanation for ongoing baby snuffles!
  • Mucus..stuffy nose and chest - Cystic Fibrosis?

    Thanks for replys girls! Took Poppy to docs today!
    He listened to her chest - no infection and all clear
    he said! So he's asked me to start on with saline drops...
    Which I have done!and she seems less snuffy at the mo!
    I have to wait for heel prick results regarding Cystic Fibosis! But he
    seems to think it isn't this! image x god I such a worry wort! image
  • My little one was exactly the same - for the first month! I was so worried but noone seems to tell you taht it's completely normal. I sat up a few whole nights in the bathroom with him with the hot shower running to try to clear his chest a bit.
    I am sure you've already tried the usual - raising one side of the cot, vapourisers etc.

    Of couse you're worried, you're a mummy! x
  • Hi

    My 7.5 month old son has cf which was diagnosed via the heel prick test. He has not had one cold, cough or sniffle since he was born (thank god).
    He was diagnosed at two weeks (not sure how old you lo is) but we had a v fast diagnosis.
    Lots of babies have coughs, snuffles and mucus without there being anything untoward. Try not to worry. If cf isn't picked up in the heel prick test is usually takes 18- 24 months before its suspected.
    If you want any info about cf please feel free to ask. I'm no expert but I've been through a lot in the past 7 months and can certainly help with your concerns.
    Keep us posted xx
  • Sorry I also wanted to say please do not google cf. The majority of stuff on the internet is very out of date and will scare the living daylights out of you. The Cystic Fibross Trust website is excellent and the only one I'd recommend for up to date information about the disease. Googling can be very dangerous xx
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