Wicked the Musical?

Hiya Girls..

Was thinking of taking an auntie & my mum to see Wicked the musical as part of there Christmas box.. I was just wondering if anyone has seen it and if they felt it was a good show?

I have only started going to the thearte recently (actually started while pregnant as an alternative to 'going out') & loved it and see a few really good shows! I'm going to go with them so though i'd go to a new one rather than paying to see the same one over.. This one looked intresting.. I just wondered if it was any good?

If not i'll take them to see the Lion King... It Was FAB!! lol I took a youth club and cried with emotion the whole way thru (lol I was 7 months pregnant!!) but would recomend it 100% xx


  • I would LOVE to see Wicked!!!

    I have read the book (it was hard going) but I still really want to see the show. Especially because I think this song is brill!!


  • have seen it it is incredible my sis works in the west end so i'm lucky i get to go a lot she is working on zorro which is excellent as well xx
  • Hi ya,

    I havent seen Wicked but my friend has and she said it was great!

    Me and my friend (the same one) saw Mamma Mia at the weekend which was brilliant, it was at the Prince of wales theatre. April of this yr I saw Grease with my boyfriend which was good and I loved the songs. November last yr I saw Hairspray which was deffo the best loved all the songs, dancing and storylines!

    We book with a company called show and stay who book your accomodation, tickets and train travel if you want to stay over or make a weekend of it. Me and my friend try to go in November so we get to see the xmas lights and obviously do some retail therapy!

    Vicky xxx
  • lol I live in london anyways do should only take about half hour to get there but that was a lovely idea anyways! any suggestions of who i should just book tickets thru? x
  • I havent seen wicked but have also heard its a good one!!
    I went to see dirty dancing recently and absolutely loved it would recommend it to everyone!!
    I booked our tickets online cant remember the site though sorry not that helpful! but did remember seeing some good deals on lastminute.com!
    Heidi xx
  • I've always wanted to see Wicked but have never got round to it....
    I've seen The Lion King too - in fact I think I saw it the day I (think I) conceived Charlotte so it's extra special to me. Fantastic show esp the very beginning!!
  • My sister LOVES it ! She has seen it loads! Sounds pretty fab - go and see it and have a good time!
  • Would love to see! Loved the song defying gravity-one the Nancy's sang it on the oliver BBC show and I had to download it there and then! We'd planned a babymoon and I was taking oh to see Wicked and Les Mis but in the end we had to see family-boo! Probably would have cried through both at 6 months pregnant! Hope you have a great timex
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