3 week old losing voice?

We got up this morning and noticed that George seemed to be losing his voice as when he cries, his cry is hoarse like he has a sore throat. It seems to be getting worse as his cry is almost gone now. He also seems quite unsettled and cranky.

He hasn't been left to cry, so it isn't that but we have no idea what's wrong. He doesn't have a temperature.

Any ideas??


  • I dont know if your lo is too young or not but I had to take Ryan to the drs Friday as he was quite hoarse and had a very seal-like cough and dr said he has Laringitus (sp). She hasnt given me anything for it as it is only quite mild but he has been cranky, mainly with the heat though, although this doesnt seem to hurt him, except when he coughs a lot he does a whimper afterwards.

    His voice is improving but still a little croaky. Hope LO feels better soon. Any concerns, go the the drs. Thats what I did.

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 9 months
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