Baby feeding themselves?

Now the boys seem to have developed more hand eye coordination (this took a little longer to develop, as have most things) I have started giving them more finger foods, sometimes alongside mush, sometimes instead of. I have a couple of questions if you dont mind -

When they eat themselves they never seem to eat as much (the floor has much more!) They have always been big eaters so do I give them more or do I wait and see whether they want something later? They have had sandwiches for lunch and basically have had 2 pieces of bread each, half a banana and some jelly. Does this sound about right (they havent eaten all of this - probably just over half, although they are still going an hour later!)

They still take such a long time at 10 months - is this normal!?


  • I cant help with taking how time with eating or when they should be able tof eed themsevles but lizzie is 7 months and when she has a sandwhich she has it with jam and only had half a slice of bread then has her soya pudding (i know your boys cant have soya so equivilant to jelly,lol) and then has her nubby filled with fruit, sometimes banana sometimes peach which she loves. lizzie is 18lb 14- if thats any help?!
    lizzie is the opposite and can eat her dinner with in about 10mins! and because of this she is made to sit in her highchair for 15 mins after otherwise she is sick!
  • Raf isnt a fast eater either and im not sure how much actually goes in! he has started to point blank refuse being fed so lunchtime and tea time is now taking up a lot of time! He has just started managing raisins and smaller things with his pincer grip which is sweet as he really concentrates! (as you can imagine this takes AGES!) he has started to speed up with things like the carrot stick crisps and fingers of toast but a lot still goes on the floor...our hoover has more food in than the cupboards!!!

    Keeley and Raff 8months
  • What i usually do if im giving for example soup and toast is give baby stuff in his spoon, or in hand to eat/play and shovel the rest in myself. Always worked well as they enjoy doing it themselves but never eat much

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