Sleeping through teething?

My Lo is 5 and a half months old and has been sleeping for England recently!

Yesterday after sleeping from 9pm to 7.30am she had a morning nap from 9am until 12.20pm when I had to wake her for a feed!

I'm not bragging (although it's fab!) I'm just worried about the amount she is sleeping. She is happy and alert when awake although her teeth niggle her and she sucks her lips and whinges. I can tell she is teething as her cheeks are bright red and she cries with her mouth closed (if you know what I mean?)

My mum and nan have both said she is sleeping through teething and some babies do that instead of crying but I've never heard of it.

I'm not complaining if that's what it is - just need a little reassurance that that is what it is.

Anyone else experienced this?



  • Oscar was never *that* good but he did sleep more when teething - although he'd wake earlier in the morning. Whether that was pain or because he was having more sleep in the day I was never sure. Now he's 15 months and he's still never been that bothered by teething - we had a little bit of grumpy tantrums in the day when he cut 4 molars at once but otherwise we've been very lucky. Bet the next one makes up for it :lol:
  • My sister slept through all 20! So it is possible! Lucky you xx
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