God parents

Just wondering, do you buy presents to say thanks (like wedding party).? If yes, what sort of thing?


  • OH & I talked about this the other week as Charlotte gets christened on the 6th Sept.

    We decided not to get anything as being asked to be a Godparent should be enough!! lol!

    Plus our church gives them a special card on with details of the service etc so we think that would be a nice keepsake for them.
  • We didn't as ccbmommy said being asked to be a godparent is enough!

    i've never had a present when i've been godmother and i didn't expect nethin either

  • I totally agree with the others. I was honoured to be asked to be a godmother and really wouldn't have wanted anything in return. To be asked was enough for me. Hope you and lo (and ccbmommy and Charlotte) have a lovely day. xx
  • we got our god parents a little picture frame with a photo of jessica in.


    there are more items on the spaceform website.

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