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projectile vomit when coughing


Does any1 have experience of this? my 1st 2 were fine but lo can projectile his whole feed during a coughing fit, ive seen the doc who didnt seem worried, but i am. he is 6 months i started weaning 1week ago (just baby rice and carrott) but he was like this b4 i weaned when he had a cold in dec.

thanks for any replies


  • Is he coughing because he has a cough?

    Or is he coughing because he is gagging on the food?

    Does he have gaviscon?

    When Evie had a bad cough last year she would cough that much that she would be sick everywhere... but his only lasted a few days....
  • He is coughing because he has a cough, i think he is trying to clear phlem but its been a week now, and its not the first time, it seems to be everytime he gets a cold. It is literally his whole feed, i caught it in a bowl and measured it and it was the same amount as he had taken, i make another feed and he keeps some of it down.

    Its so bad my older boys now cry everytime baby starts to cough, when he is sick it is really violent

    He has never had reflux or colic do you think gaviscon cld help?

  • I have never had to use it... but have heard it is wonderful stuff... why not pop and see your GP tomorrow and ask them about it....
  • Thanks for your reply, i know it doesnt sound like much but its really begining to worry me and get me down.

  • Cameron had a cough before christmas and he would be sick almost everytime he had a coughing fit. hv told me its cos theyre gag reflex is so sensitive it causes them to vomit (its a safety mechanism for when theyre weaning) so i dont think its anything to worry about
  • My son did this when he was a baby and i was at my wits end with worry. He did have a cough too which the doc said was pulling on his tummy as he coughed causing him to bring up his food.

    Your bound to worry about it hun as all us mothers do when anything is wrong with our lo's. It will pass eventually.

    Take care

    Lisa xxx
  • Thanks for your replies, he has just gone down to bed but again vomited most of his feed, and baby rice

    Can i just check that your lo's had projectile (it goes about 4 feet) and its in two or three bouts.

    Thanks again

  • it was definatly projectile Ethan had because i remember not remembering the word for it when on the phone to docs and saying he's puking like off the exorcist. lol. They just told me to keep an eye on him for the night and if he was the same the next day to take him in to be checked out.

    If you can't settle then you could always ring NHS later tonight.

    Good luck either way. Hope he's better soon.

    Lisa xxx
  • We have had this too. Happens every time lo gets a cold/cough. He is now 14 months. The worst one was a couple of weeks ago, he drank his milk, coughed, vomited all the milk back then vomited back all his dinner - lo, the sofa, the carpet and hubby were all covered in multicoloured vomit - had to strip them in the bath and hose them down!! It was like a scene from the exorcist!
    Hv and Gp said not to worry, just make sure lo doesn't dehydrate etc. I also try to keep him sat upright for a little while after each feed to try to help the milk settle.
    I don't think Gaviscon would help really as it seems to be caused by the coughing rather than any sort of reflux.
    Hope it gets better soon. xxxx
  • Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply I really do appreciate it.

    I thought i wld worry less as he is my third but i think i worry more esp when things like this happen which didnt happen to DS1&2.

  • My lo is 13 months and she has been doing this for 6 days now. I've been going out of my mind and the doctor just said it's just the common cold give her orange juice! So glad I found this post. How long did it last in the end? 

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