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Following on from another post about car seat abroad
when we go away for the wedding, cameron will be 15 months, i have hired a car and car seat in LA but does anyone know the rules for when we're in New York?
If we're getting a cab, will he just sit on our knees? or are there car seat laws for taxi's too?



    have a look at this hon, and see if it helps?

    maybe you could ask some Taxi companies in NY if they carry them? i'm not sure if they are all yellow cabs or not, but i seem to think the yellow ones are run by the government?

    maybe Vanilla could help, as i'm sure she had her lo when she went.
  • thanks nicki, i think vanilla was a few months prg when she went, her cameron was older too so wouldnt of needed one.
  • There are no laws for taxis in the states - unless you took your own, he'd be on your knee. Having said that, the traffic in NY is so bad that you probably wouldn't be hurt in a crash anyway!!
    Incidentally, a baby can sit on your knee in the back of a taxi here if it's an unplanned trip!!
  • Oh great stuff, thanks Donna xx
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