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what to wear for bed?

hello, wondering if you could help me, my baby is 9 days old and so far i have only dressed her in a baby gro with legs for her bed time but recently i think the weather has got cold and considering putting a sleeveless vest on underneath her baby gro but worried this will over heat her.
is this a wise choice or have i been under dressing her any way?


  • what is the temperature of the room where she sleeps? if it drops below 21ish then i would definitely use a vest and a babygrow, it also depends if you also use blankets or a sheet to cover her with?
    my LO is 8 months and his room is around 19 at the moment and he wears a vest, a babygrow and a 1 or 2.5 tog sleeping bag, his growbag came with a really handy temperature guide, before then i had probably been under dressing with just a babygrow or vest!


  • my baby is currently in a babygro, no vest, but in a sleeping bag of 1 tod. the room is 21 degrees. if it drops below that she'll be in a vest. if it drops to 18 i put her in a 2.5 tog. i also refer to the temperature guide every night too!
  • The boys room currently varies between 18 and 20 and I have them in a short sleeved vest, a sleepsuit and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag.

    The room temp makes a bigger difference than the temp outside. We moved the boys room a couple of months ago and their old room was small and over the kitchen so was always hot (they went into their room just after Christmas and didnt need a vest!) However, now they are in a larger, cooler room, and have been in a vest for a good few weeks.

    Hope that helps'll know if she's cold as she wont sleep well. Its more important that she isnt too hot.

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 11 months next week! ARGH!
  • I can never seem to get this right, which may explain the sleeping issues. At the moment its 20 degrees in Ty's room and he's in a full length babygro and a 2.5tog swaddleaze (but not swaddled), he also has a fan on in his room, but when he's dressed warmer he wakes more often...

  • the room is about 21/22 degrees and she under a small fleece blanket, sounds like i am under dressing her
  • Hi,
    This is what the gro company suggest for the different temperatures:

    Hope that helps!
  • This is interesting because we only recently started to use a sleepbag, as LO wriggles out of blankets etc. I put her in a sleepsuit & 2.5tog sleepbag, the room temp is normally 21/22'c. Do you think she needs a vest too? Shes been waking more frequently the last 3/4 days in the night, which would coinside with the temp dropping outside etc.....bless her! She had started to sleep through the night from 7.30pm-5.30am image)

    CG & Fearne (7w+6d) xxx
  • by body suit they mean vest.
  • Blimey...going by there guide im over dressing...alot! God, what a pigging nightmare!!x
  • i put baby in a babygro unless it goes above 21, as i am cold!i am in bed socks at the moment! adults feel cold at different temps, children must too
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