Feeling sorry for myself

Sorry, pointless post especially when other mums on here have got more important problems.

But I feel so ill. Got hardly no sleep last night as got a really bad sore throat and can't stop coughing. Now I have a massive headache and i've got a temp. Can't eat as I can barely swallow. Not had a bad cold for ages! Also don't want Charlotte to catch it.

Going to the docs later - not for my cold - but to see about starting to come off Citalopram (yippee)!!
Also due for af so am bloated - I look 5 months pg!!


Selfish/pointless post now over.......:roll:


  • It's an anti-depressant as I suffer with pnd (more anxiety than depression). Been on them since October and feeling much better now so am hoping I can be weaned off them!
  • Theres a really bad flu/cold thing going round at the minute you might have that tae care xxxx
  • Awww hope you feel better soon - I know what you mean about not wanting Lo to get it - Baby colds are way worse than adult colds lol! I've been on citalopram since Sept for anxiety. Am on 40mg and I don't feel ready to come off it tbh as its worked wonders and am scared to stop having it!!! xx
  • I'm on 20mg TL. I'm also a bit scared about coming off them. Not looking forward to any side effects either.
  • Doc has put me on 10mg of Citalopram so we'll see what happens.
    Still feel crap. Doc checked me over whilst I was there, apparently my glands are swollen. She thinks its a virus - they always say that don't they!?
    OH gone out as well to the pub for a comedy night. Think he owes me about 4 nights out!
  • Hope you feel better soon x
  • Yeah they do always seem to say that!! Hope the lower dose works well for you. 20mg did nothing for me so they upped the dose and I've felt 100 times better ever since....no side effects either... Last time I had a medication review my GP asked if I would like 2 months worth of meds. I said "Yeah thats fine" and he whispered "As long as you don't take them all at once". WTF?? Felt like saying if I wanted to do that I surely would have done it already you stupid patronising old git!!!! :lol:
  • I took Citlapram when I was off sick due to stress, I had to stay on them for 6 months from the point I felt better

    Hope your cold/virus sods off soon and you better again xxx
  • hope you continue to feel better. They always say its a effing virus dont they.
    Once I nearly died of this flesh eating disease (honest...it was grim!!! nectorising faceitus or something like that) anyway, when i went to the docs he said it was a virus...... 5 hours later i was blue lighting to hosp and in ICU for 2 weeks..WTF...

    also TL...talk about putting an idea in your head?????
    d xx
  • Dee Dee that sounds awful!

    Tiger Lily - what a stupid doc. The one I see is female and she's really good. Probably only a couple of years older than me and she talks to you like a person not a patient (if you get me).
  • I can't eat it cos my throat hurts too much....sob sob sob
  • I know what I need....a nice hot curry! Will get OH to make one for me at the weekend
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