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when did ur little one start smiling properly. mine does but not a proper smile she is 7 weeks and 2 days. the doctor asked if she had started smiling yet when we went 4 our check up. just worrying that she she going to be a slow developer.


  • Dont worry,i think my little man was about 7-8 wks before he 'properly' smiled but every baby is different.I am sure your baby is perfect!
  • Not sure but I don't think we got a 'proper' smile until after 8 weeks, she just used to stare at us like she was taking everything in. Babies all develop at different rates, its really nothing to worry about.
  • Don't worry, my lo started to twitch the sides of his mouth into a smile at about 6 weeks, but we didn't get a beaming grin until about 8 weeks. The one thing I have learnt so far is no to compare my lo and other babies and how they develop, it's too stressful!x
  • thank u
    its put my mind at ease

  • same here probably about 7-8wks, before that i guess it was just wind!
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