when did youe baby start theething?


im starting to woder if my bb is theething, i still think is to early, he is only four month on monday.
that it start that early?
can anybody tell me when did yours started and when did they had their first thooth


martha xxximage


  • evie started dribbling at about 4m but at 7m still no teeth but has started to get grumpy and rosey cheeks, oliver was the same but didnt get a tooth til 9m. xx
  • Shoot!! so the pain first and then the thooth later no wonder they cry so much,
    hope mine get then soon so not much pain

  • Mine started teething at 9 weeks now at 16 weeks she has just cut her second tooth! So 4 months definitely isn't too early! image It did take 5 weeks for the first tooth even start to come through though!
  • my daughter starteddribbling and doing the mouth movemetn at 2-3mths. her first tooth came through at 6mths! so no, its notearly. Just stock up with bongela. On bad days I haveto give it to here very 3 hrs....she just looks like shes wearing lots of blusher now! xxx
  • my bb hate the bonjela but i guess he has to get used to it, hopefully he wont have any pain ar a least no much.

  • mine started about a month ago just before he was 4 months. dribbling loads. can tell he is uncomfortable. he likes having his gums rubbed with a cool finger. no tooth yet though
  • Poppy started when she was 14 weeks but then it was on and off and she finally got her 1st one at months and 1 week. She is now 14 months and has 13 teeth!
    I think Anbesol is one of the best things for teething - if you test it on your own gums you can feel them go numb!! it's a liquid too so doesn't just slide off your finger like bonjela does!!
  • hi thanks at what month did yours had her first one and wre can i get anbesol.

  • You can get Anbesol from chemists or even big supermarkets. She got her first at just over 6 months.
  • Donna&poppy
    thanks i thing i email you but because im new to the site im not sure if that its what it does.

    i try to buy the anbesol and see how my bb reacts to it

  • hooo she will problably look cute lucky you althougt still got a long way to go until she has them all.

    good luck i also hope the anbesol works for mine!!!

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